Osmangazi Bridge Pass Guarantee Guarantee Burns the Passion

osmangazi bride is guaranteed to pass
osmangazi bride is guaranteed to pass

Due to the guarantee given to the operating company on the Osmangazi Bridge, the pocket of the passer-by is burned. Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said that the toll on the 44,5 dollar as a result of foreign exchange inflation will not be reflected to the citizen at the box office. “Bridge revenue can collect 25 percent of the guarantee we provide, Tur Turhan said, adding that the remaining amount came from the Treasury, which was filled with citizens' taxes.

KararTransportation and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, who answered the parliamentary questions about the budget in the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission, made statements regarding Public Private Cooperation (PPP) investments and guarantee payments. Turhan said that the investments made in this way benefited from the dynamism of the private sector.


Turhan stated that more investment was offered to the service of the citizen in a short time with this financing model and that it was used especially in motorway projects.

Turhan recalled the criticism that the guarantee income paid for the projects was taken from those who did not exceed “The tax of the projects in Istanbul is paid by the citizens of İzmir as well as the tax of the projects in Van. This country is one for us. We do social projects there. We have built roads divided into places where the volume of traffic is not sufficient and the development of the region has accelerated. ”


Referring to the criticism that the rich were made the way, the literature of poverty was made, Turhan said that anyone who wants can use the old way. Turhan pointed out that the traffic that uses these roads increases the level of service on the old road and said: “The day we opened in that area, traffic passed over the warranty. We opened on the eve of a feast, traffic passed over 170 percent warranty. At the Osmangazi Bridge, we are currently collecting 25 percent of the guarantee. In fact, as much as we can guarantee from Osmangazi Bridge, traffic passes, but because we are expensive, we reduced them to a third level to avoid paying so much money to our citizens. We are currently receiving $ 44,5 plus VAT as a toll on the bridge, which we need to charge $ 15. ” The difference of approximately $ 30 per vehicle is covered by the Treasury. ”

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