Afyon Kocatepe University will recruit academic staff

Afyon Kocatepe University
Afyon Kocatepe University

15 faculty members will be recruited to the following units of the Rectorate of Afyon Kocatepe University in accordance with the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Central Examination and Entrance Examinations to be applied to the appointments of the academic staff except the academic staff.


1- Petition ( is The petition sample in the ANNOUNCEMENTS section of the website will be filled out. Applications made without a petition and applications made with an unsigned petition will not be processed.)
2- ALES Result Document. (It is not obligatory for cadres exempted from ALES in the staff details, the results document is valid for 5 years from the date of disclosure.) Documents that do not include or read "Control Code / Verification Code" will be deemed invalid.
3- Foreign Language Exam Result Document. (It is not compulsory for cadres who are exempted from foreign language in their staff details.) Documents that do not contain or read “Control Code / Verification Code” in ÖSYM and YÖKDİL documents will be void. Foreign language documents other than ÖSYM and YÖKDİL must be original or notarized copies. There is no limitation on the validity period of ÖSYM and YÖKDİL exam result documents. Other equivalent exams are valid for the validity period stated on the exam result document, provided that they are submitted with the document showing the application date.
4- E-Government output or notarized copy of graduation documents (bachelor, master or doctorate). Documents not approved by a notary public, photocopy documents or color copies of notary public approval shall not be accepted. E-Government output must be barcoded or square-coded.
5- Original copy of the license transcript or notarized copy. (If you can get your graduation certificate from the e-Government system and there is a grade point average in the document, there is no need to send a transcript. The difference between the transcripts and the e-Government Graduation Certificates will be taken into consideration.
6- E-Government output or original of Student Documents. (It is for the cadres who have postgraduate education requirement. E-Government printout must be barcoded or square coded.) MASTER'S DOCUMENTS MUST BE INCLUDED WITH THESIS. If there is no “thesis” statement in the student documents, a document indicating that a master's degree with thesis is obtained from the institute is registered. Student documents must be up-to-date (received within the last 1 month).
7- Document showing that he / she is experienced in the field. (For staff who require experience / experience.) Experience certificates can be sent as photocopies. KazanThe original or notarized copy will be requested. (In the experience documents, the dates of starting and leaving the job, the title of the job, and if the job is still continuing, this situation should be stated. In addition, all experience documents should be stamped if they are obtained from public institutions, stamped if they are obtained from the private sector, and barcoded if they are obtained from e-government. Dump documents must be barcoded and the document must contain a professional code, otherwise it is not valid.)
8- Diplomas received from foreign countries should be sent together with the equivalence certificate obtained from YÖK. (The equivalence certificate must be taken from e-Government or notarized.) Notarized translation of the transcript documents should be sent and the documents must contain the system equivalent of 100 GPA. Since the grade point average will be used in the calculations, transcript documents that do not have a 100-system equivalent will not be taken into consideration. In addition, the notarized translation of the declared student documents should be submitted and the thesis documents should be included in the graduate student documents.


Application Place: Afyon Kocatepe University Rectorate Personnel Department ANS Campus Center / AFYONKARAHİSAR
Application Type: Personal or Mail

Internet Address to Disclose Results: is
Document Registration Unit Tel: 0272 218 11 30 Department of Personnel Tel: 0272 218 12 30

EXAM SCHEDULE: When the advertisement is published in the Official Gazette is ).

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