Minister Institution: Kanal Istanbul is the Freedom Project of the Bosphorus

button was pressed in istanbul
button was pressed in istanbul

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum, "Kanal Istanbul is a project to protect and rescue the Bosphorus, a freedom project of the Bosphorus." said.

In his speech at the Denizli Narrowed Advisory Council Meeting held under the AK Party Provincial Directorate, the Minister Institution said that they fulfilled the promises made after the earthquake that occurred about 5 months ago in Bozkurt and Çardak districts.

Stating that the constructions are progressing rapidly, the Authority said, “We want to finish the houses with all their equipment and deliver them to our citizens until June at the latest. We carry out our works in this framework. In other words, 10 months after the earthquake, we will have given to our citizens strong and safe residences both in Çardak and Bozkurt. ” used expressions.

Expressing that they listened to the demands of all the departments of the ministry and the mayors in the city at the Provincial Evaluation and Coordination Meeting, the Minister Institution said, “We are turning our Işıklı Lake into tourism in our Çivril district. kazanWe are developing an important project that will A nation's garden in Çivril, where there are walking and cycling paths on an area of ​​​​60 thousand square meters kazanWithin the scope of the project we will carry out, our municipality will carry out this project together with our ministry, TOKİ. We made an effort to support the projects in line with the needs of our districts.” he said.


Canal Istanbul Project Referring to the institution, "both in the region and Turkey will be the leader in the world, and world trade will put forward our position to protect the Istanbul Strait Canal Istanbul Project we have completed the EIA report. We presented it to the opinions of our citizens, institutions, non-governmental organizations. ” said.

Recalling that a huge Liberian-flagged container ship stranded on the shores of Rumeli Fortress yesterday, the Minister said:

“It could also be a ship loaded with oil or chemicals. In this case, the dimensions of the disaster would be much higher. Therefore, Kanal Istanbul Project is an indispensable project for our country. That's why I say it every time; Kanal İstanbul is the project of protecting and saving the Bosphorus, the freedom project of the Bosphorus. We have carried out many projects with the support of our nation in 18 years, under the leadership of our President. Hopefully we will realize Kanal Istanbul with your support. ”


The Agency also carried out in relation to the promotion of the domestic car yesterday "a great sacrifice, and lovingly its native Turkey, followed by national tools. Our vehicles are environmentally friendly electric powered and smart cars that produce zero emissions. They will be the most suitable, most efficient and cost-effective car in their segment, and hopefully it will be available to our nation in 2022. All of these projects are big projects that will go down in the history of our country. ” found the assessment.

Ministers Institutions of Turkey, will take much more upward from its position, will be among the world's 10 largest economies, as its geography but also of the peace and said they would continue the process of being a country that will bring peace forever, he said:

“What keeps us alive in this geography is our deep-rooted state and civilization traditions for thousands of years. Our leader, who struggles against those treacherous plans with the support of the nation, is our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We have presented the projects that no one could ever dream of under the leadership of our nation. Here we have implemented Marmaray, we have presented the Eurasia Tunnel, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Istanbul Airport to our nation. We have carried out the city hospitals projects and we will carry out many more projects with the support of Allah, with your permission. ”

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