Metro Istanbul Prepares Disaster Plan for Expected Istanbul Earthquake

metro istanbul disaster plan for the expected earthquake in Istanbul
metro istanbul disaster plan for the expected earthquake in Istanbul

Metro Istanbul Prepares Disaster Plan for Expected Istanbul Earthquake; İGDAŞ, which provides natural gas distribution services to 6,5 million users throughout Istanbul, will close all natural gas valves by 5-10 seconds before the earthquake thanks to the early warning system. In the subways, passenger evacuation plans are ready.

The “Durable Urbanization” session was held on the first day of the Istanbul Earthquake Workshop, which was initiated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Deputy Secretary General of IMM The session, moderated by İbrahim Orhan Demir, evaluated the issue of increasing Istanbul's resistance to disasters.

Disaster preparations of the institutions were discussed in the session, where İBB affiliates İGDAŞ and Metro Istanbul also participated.

İGDAŞ Interior Installation Manager Nusret Alkan, who made a presentation on natural gas security during the disaster, stated that they carry out various activities to minimize these risks while doing the gas distribution business in a city with high probability of earthquake like Istanbul.


İGDAŞ Alkan indicating that the earthquake early warning system, with the data taken from the Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory 5 to 10 seconds before the earthquake will be activated, so that the 450 thousand 251 valve can be shut down in Istanbul, he said.

Immediately after the earthquake, Alkan shared information that earthquake damage maps would be created and continued as follows:

“Our emergency teams will be able to take advantage of these damage maps and intervene at the damage points. 26 In the earthquake of magnitude 5,8 in September, we tested the system in real terms. The system worked as successfully as we planned. We are able to realize earthquake scenarios of all sizes within the Disaster Emergency Management Project. A total of one thousand 280 personnel will be able to carry out post-earthquake activities with our 189 fully equipped emergency response vehicle. ”


Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of IMM, which provides transportation to 2,5 million people daily, has created a disaster plan for the expected Istanbul earthquake.

Metro Istanbul Safety Management System Manager Ali Cakmak stated that the first purpose of evacuation of the passengers in the subways during the earthquake was the first purpose:

Jeneratör For the evacuation of the passengers, first of all generators will be activated. There are emergency exit doors in the tunnels where passengers can be evacuated at 750 meter intervals. There are also emergency telephones inside the tunnel that will allow passengers to contact the stations in case of disaster. In case of any fire, automatic fire systems will be activated. Emergency evacuation scenarios are available at all stations. ”

Çakmak, AFAD, AKOM and the Directorate of Highways said that they are carrying out joint work with:

“Once the passengers are evacuated, the rail lines will play an important role. Rail systems can be used as transport vehicles if needed. We are in contact with many institutions and organizations about the earthquake. ”

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