Investors Wanted for Mersin Metro from Abroad

mersin metro is looking for investors from abroad
mersin metro is looking for investors from abroad

Mersin, having difficulty in obtaining loans from public banks related to rail system investments, headed abroad. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer said, ım We are looking for credit from abroad. We want to give financing and the construction of the business somewhere. ”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality joined Istanbul and Ankara among the CHP metropolitan municipalities who had difficulty in finding loans in public banks related to rail system investments and had to turn to abroad.

WorldAccording to the news Fahriye Kutlay Senturk; Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which prepares the Mersin Rail System Project in which tram lines are integrated in order to relieve urban traffic and reduce the use of vehicles by improving public transportation facilities, turned to abroad when it could not find the public banks it applied for. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which is preparing to bid for the tender by combining finance and construction in a single package, has completed the preliminary negotiations with the companies and domestic companies from three different countries including China.

7.7 kilometer tram revision to the old project

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer shared the latest details about the Mersin Rail System project, which was included in the investment program at the 2019 in September by the Plan Budget Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Firma The company that will take the tender will find financing and make the construction ”

He added that the new tram line of 7.7 kilometers has been added to the project and added: toplam The total length of the project will be 28.6 kilometers. The 7.5 kilometer is the above ground rail system, the 13.4 kilometer is the underground rail system and the 7.7 kilometer is the tram. Since Mersin is built on a coastline from East to West, 13.4 kilometers will come underground and then 7, 5 kilometers above ground will go from the surface towards City Hospital. We are also planning a tram line for our university hospital and university ”.

Selecting the Mersin Rail System Project in 2020 year, Seçer stated that they will shoot the first digging and said that they will follow a different method in relation to the tender to be issued. Seçer stated that they prepared a tender offer where both financing and construction were combined in one package and said: “Our search for credits continues abroad. Let's find the loan from there, let the firm do the construction, we want to give the financing and the construction of the business somewhere. ”

Public transport to be reorganized

Stating that they have been announced for bus purchases and that they will buy 100 buses, Seçer stated that after the completion of the rail system project, they will establish a new organization according to the rail system - bus concept in public transportation and said, “We are purchasing 73 buses this year. In January, we will buy 27 buses and a total of 100 buses. We will renew our bus group, we have a shortage, we will reinforce the routes, and we will disable our buses that are outdated or outdated. We consider public transportation as a concept of rail system-bus and we have planned 5 years. "It is certain what we will do between 2019-2024, how many buses we will buy, and we went out."

Istanbul and Ankara found loans from abroad

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality officials received negative support from the state banks for the construction of Tuzla-Pendik subway for the French Development Agency 86 million euros, for the Sultanbeyli-Çekmeköy metro Deutsche Bank has received 110 million euros credit support. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, 15 July Kızılay National Will Square, starting from the Pursaklar sites, fairgrounds, airports and the new metro project will be in the direction of the World Bank for the construction of the Bank had negotiated with Japanese companies.

Map of Mersin Metro

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