Megenli does not want an overpass

megenliler does not want the upper passage
megenliler does not want the upper passage

Plates Yazıyaka and Türkbeyli neighborhood connects the point about the construction of the undesirable overpass Mayor Turhan Bulut, with the participation of members of the Municipal Assembly and our citizens after the Friday prayer in a press statement against the Turkbeyli Divan Mosque. Citizens participating in the press statement expressed the reactions to the overpass started.

Mayor Turhan Bulut's press release: , average speed of vehicles increased compared to the previous one. Considering that the annual average daily traffic value (YOGT) is approximately 15 vehicles / day and that% 4100 of these vehicles is composed of heavy vehicles, this road is very dangerous for pedestrian traffic safety. As local administrations, taking necessary measures to facilitate the life and security of the people living in the district is among our priority duties.

For this reason, since 2011, negotiations have been conducted between Highways and Municipality to build pedestrian and vehicle underpass at the point that connects Tabaklar Yazıyaka Neighborhood and Türkbeyli Neighborhood. 2014 / 1 / 23 / 05 / 2014 / 587 months after the 4 date I took office in April, we requested the Directorate of Highways 25. In order to prevent the project from affecting the Divan Mosque, we received the appropriate opinions from the General Directorate of Foundations. All of these meetings have given positive results and the letter and approved project that the underpass project has been approved by the General Directorate of Highways have been sent to our Municipality with 07 / 2016 / 173988 date and XNUMX.

The construction of the underpass was included in the investment program, preparations were made for the construction tender, but the Highways suspended the construction of the underpass at the last moment. We have sent a letter with the 28 / 09 / 2017 date and the 1455 dated letter, including the signaling request for the same region. As Mengen Municipality, we are persistently monitoring the underpass and signaling project, while last week 4 Highways. We have learned that the Regional Directorate will build an overpass for pedestrians. In our research, we determined that the overpass request was forwarded by the Mengen District Governorate to the Bolu Governorate on 19 / 10 / 2018 and from there to the Directorate of Highways 4. As Mengen Municipality, we do not request overpass until today and we also consider the overpass project to be made as a waste of resources.

We have not proposed a solution for pedestrians and vehicles other than underpasses or signaling. We do not accept that the request made by the District Governor's Office is requested to be put into practice by the Directorate of Highways 4 without getting the opinion of the Municipality and that the correspondence made for years has been approved. We want the overpass project to be canceled considering the economic conditions of our country.

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