Marmara University will recruit academic staff

marmara university will recruit academic staff
marmara university will recruit academic staff

2547 Associate Professors will be admitted to the Department, Department and Programs of the University School of Banking and Insurance and Faculty of Technology provided that the criteria for the Promotion and Appointment of the University are given in accordance with the relevant articles of the Law No. 2 and the Regulation on Appointment to Faculty Members.

Associate professors are in permanent status and their resumes, notarized Associate Professorship Documents, 4 sets of application files prepared in accordance with the relevant regulations and directives are transferred to CD or Movable Memory in PDF format and their petitions must be submitted to the Rectorate Personnel Department within 15 days from the date of publication. According to the Senate Decision; the applicants who have received the title of associate professorship without being subjected to oral examination by the Interuniversity Board; they will be subjected to an oral exam by the jury members to be formed by the Interuniversity Board for the associate professors they apply for. Candidates who are not successful in this examination will not be appointed.

The Regulation on the Principles to be Complied with in Teaching Foreign Language and Teaching in a Foreign Language is applied in Higher Education Institutions for applications to Foreign Language Teaching Units. The equivalence of diplomas obtained from abroad must be approved by the Interuniversity Board. Applications made by candidates who do not meet the stated conditions and do not apply within the deadline will not be considered.

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