Longest Railways Strike in British History Begins

england south west railways strike
england south west railways strike

The 600-day strike has started on the South West Railways (SWR), which will affect 27 passengers a day in the UK, affecting London and surrounding cities.

National Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union (RMT) had started negotiations with SWR to find security guards on trains. RMT workers, who have left the table as a result of the blockage of the talks, have started a 27-day strike as of today. Throughout the UK strike is expected to intensify at stations. 1850 of the 850 daily expeditions are expected to be canceled.

The union wants to have a security guard on every train. The strike will continue except for 12 December and Christmas days 25 and 26 December, where early general elections will be held. The strike is considered the longest-running strike in the history of England.

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