Corlu Train Accident Letter to the Minister of Transport from the Mother Who Lost Her Son

letter from the mother to the transport minister who lost her son in the corlu train accident
letter from the mother to the transport minister who lost her son in the corlu train accident

Mısra Öz Sel, the mother who lost her son Arda Sel in the Çorlu train accident, wrote a text containing questions about Cahit Turhan, the Minister of Transportation. Sel asked Transport Minister Cahit Turhan, “What have you done for human safety since 500 day? Han. HDP MP Garo Paylan read Sel's letter during the budget negotiations of the Ministry of Transport, which is underway in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Mısra Öz Sel's message addressed to Cahit Turhan, the Minister of Transportation, is as follows:

“In the half-hour statement you made at the Turkish Grand National Assembly, 11 months ago, you said nokta the focus is on human life and security”. After the Çorlu and Ankara accidents, there was an accident on the railways. The last two drivers died. What security measures do you focus on human life?

I also ask 12 to reject the motion of the Çorlu Train Massacre in Parliament in June before the eyes of the painful families and say var there is already an ongoing research process ve and a response to Cahit Turhan's or being investigated extensively:: 500 through, omissions are obvious. The entire TCDD culvert maintenance and checks are carried out manually and visually, and one person is responsible for the 700 kilometer line. Road guards are being removed. Ihale No allowance ”for the repair of defective culverts is canceled. No one is capable of evaluating meteorological reports, and this means of transport carries millions of people

What have you done for human safety since 500 day? I'm telling you some of the shortcomings here, and you know more. Are you not aware of these in your research that you say or being investigated extensively?? Will all these shortcomings be attributed to a railway worker at the Çorlu Massacre trial? It is obvious that the TCDD top management is responsible for these deficiencies. İsa Apaydın and allow other executives to be tried?

We will see your words about the existence of true justice from your attitude towards bringing those responsible for the death of the 25 person to justice. Only then can you get rid of the plague of the child 7 person with 25. Would you tell; Should Oguz Arda profit with those who put my son in the black ground? How many more Oguz Arda should be taken from this life due to neglect?

I invite you to conscience and merit service! ”

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