Bus Stations in Kocaeli

kocaelide bus pauses
kocaelide bus pauses

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has built many giant projects in transportation, is meticulously cleaning the stops used by citizens in public transportation. Park Garden and Green Areas Department, the main route of Kocaeli D-100, D-130 highways and side roads stops on the regular cleaning. Citizens benefit from the work done in a cleaner way is provided.


Park Garden and Green Areas Department teams perform stall cleaning works in regions throughout the city. Within the scope of the works, the bus stops from Çayırova to Kartepe Eşme on the D-100 highway and from Kandira on the D-130 highway to Dereköy are cleaned.

METROPOLITAN TRANSPORT IS NOT neglecting cleanliness

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has made major investments in transportation in the last 15 years. Citizens benefit from public transport in a clean environment aimed at the Metropolitan Municipality, public transport vehicles and stops regularly cleaning. Metropolitan Municipality vehicles and public transport stops are appreciated by citizens to be clean.

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