Favorite of Winter Tourism, Denizli Ski Resort

sea ​​tourism center of winter tourism
sea ​​tourism center of winter tourism

Denizli Ski Center flocked to become the attraction center of winter tourism Denizli Ski Center, with the opening of the season and those who want to enjoy snow and skiing flocked. The biggest ski center of the Aegean, which attracts great attention with its crystal snow quality, provides world-class service with its 13 ski runs, which are 9 kilometers long.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, in the Nikfer neighborhood of Tavas district, which was implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in order to make the city an important center of attraction in winter tourism, said “Hello ona to the season when the snow thickness reached the desired level last week. 75 kilometers away from the city center, 2 thousand 420 altitude, located in Bozdag Denizli Ski Center, snow and skiing to enjoy the weekend was flocked to citizens who want to enjoy. The biggest ski center of the Aegean, which receives intense visitors from Denizli and surrounding provinces from 7 to 70, serves with 13 runways with a total length of 9 kilometers. Denizli Ski Center, which includes all the facilities that amateur and professional skiers and snowboarders are looking for, attracts great attention with its crystal snow quality.

Tourism city Denizli

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan stated that Denizli is a tourism city which includes many tourism types such as nature, culture, thermal health, plateau, congress, paragliding and faith tourism. Denizli Ski Center is an important investment in alternative tourism. told. Denizli most tourists coming 5. The President Osman Zola noted that cities in Turkey, Denizli Ski Resort, this figure is emphasized that they want to move to a higher level, "Our Denizli Ski Center was the favorite of winter tourism and skiing enthusiasts. Our ski center not only welcomes visitors from all over the country but also from our countrymen. We expect everyone who wants to enjoy snow and skiing to the biggest ski resort of the Aegean. ”

Citizens are satisfied

Citizens coming to Denizli Ski Center for skiing over the weekend were very pleased with the facility and invited all ski lovers.

Cengiz Å afak: We were looking forward to coming in the winter to ski. Tavas / Nikfer is convenient for this and a very nice place. I invite all citizens to ski here. Very nice place with decent, good quality and service. We come here every year. The facilities are very nice.

Ercan à – zdemir: The snow we've been waiting for. It's perfect weather. Denizli ski resort is a very nice place. All Aegean, Izmir, Aydin, Mugla, Denizli is a place that addresses. The facilities are very nice. We have a group and every week we organize and come here. There's a lot of people coming from out of town. Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum, Mugla, Izmir are all coming here now. The chairlifts are extremely modern. The facility is very nice in every sense.

Emrullah Flower: I did ski in many places in Turkey for many years, I'm dealing with this sport. But the characteristics of our mountain beauty and not in any ski resort in Turkey, I can say that our facility. We have a very good facility, a beautiful mountain. The location was beautiful. Muğla, Izmir, Antalya people can easily use this area. Prices are also quite reasonable compared to other ski resorts.

Contact Gizem directly I have been coming to Denizli Ski Center for 2 years. The best ski resort in the Aegean and Mediterranean. The snow quality is very good. For us snowboarders, plenty of snow is important. Our season is long. We can skate until the end of March. That's why we love our ski resort.

Hande YÄ ± lmaz: We usually ski in Antalya. We heard this place and we came. We didn't have any trouble. The facilities were also very nice pleased. Profit is sufficient at the moment. All skiers and snowboarders are welcome.

Ceylin Pekgüzel: This is the perfect place. A great place to relax after the exam. I would recommend Denizli Ski Resort to everyone.

Nursev Gülay: We came from Aydın. I think it's a beautiful place. Our exams ended on Friday and it was very nice for us to put stress. Aydin is not much snow as you know, and most of us see very little snow. So I recommend all my friends to come here.

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