İzmir will be the center of sport aviation

İzmir will be the center of sport aviation
İzmir will be the center of sport aviation

İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer said that they would carry out the necessary works to make İzmir the center of sporting aviation.

İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer met with members of Izmir Aviation Club Association. President Soyer, who went by helicopter to the facility of Buca Kaynaklar, said that they wanted to bring together sports aviation enthusiasts in Turkey and abroad and make İzmir the center of sports aviation.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer met with the members of Izmir Aviation Club Association after the Aegean Region International Protection and Social Cohesion Workshop program held in Çeşme. Taking the city tour by taking a helicopter from Çeşme and then descending to the runway of the association in Buca Kaynaklar, Mayor of İzmir Aviation Club Association Ali Enver Bakioğlu and board members, Civil Aviation Former General Deputy Director Oktay Erdağı met representatives of the aviation school in Turkey.

İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer, visited the facility and received information about the aircraft. Izmir Deputy Murat Minister with the speed of 140 kilometers per hour cayrokopter (gyroplane) called the aircraft examined. Following the facility tour, Mayor Soyer held a meeting with the association management regarding the activities to be carried out in line with the objective of making İzmir a sports aviation center.

İzmir Civil Aviation Club Association President Enver Bakioğlu explained the activities of the association and said that İzmir is an ideal city to be a sports aviation center due to its weather conditions and easy accessibility.

Hundreds of tourists come to Izmir every year

Thanks to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who put the goal of “Being the center of sportive aviation in Izmir” in his strategic plan of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Bakioğlu said, “It made us very excited to come up with such a vision. With the support of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we want to encourage our youth to aviation. İzmir fell far behind Europe in terms of sportive aviation. We have a lot of work to do in this field. When we achieve this goal, hundreds of aircraft and pilots, thousands of tourists will come to İzmir every year and will make a significant contribution to the promotion and tourism of the city. ”

Iz We will do our part ”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that the way forward for sportive aviation is clear, but it is sad that Turkey lags behind many countries in this field, and said, “We have new horizons for our youth and children in order to pave the way for them. kazanWe are ready to do our bit to help. To bring sports aviation enthusiasts from home and abroad together in our city by walking the road with you; We want to make our city the center of sportive aviation. We will do the necessary work for this," he said.

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