Izmir Konak Tram Timetables Stations Timetable and Map

Izmir Konak Tram Timetables Stations Timetable and Map
Izmir Konak Tram Timetables Stations Timetable and Map

Izmir Konak Tram Timetable Stations Schedule and Map: Konak tram, shortly T2, was built by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as part of Tram Izmir 19 stops ve 12,8 kilometers long tram line. The tram line starts from Fahrettin Altay and ends at Halkapınar Transfer Center. There are 21 vehicles on the tram line.

The construction of the Konak tram started in November 2015. During the construction works of the tram line, historical artifacts were found in Şair Eşref Boulevard. İzmir No.1 Cultural and Natural Heritage Regional Board decided to move the museum to the museum for documenting and preserving the historical artifacts.

The passenger trips on the T450 (Konak tram) line, which is the second leg of the Tram Izmir project, which was launched in İzmir with an investment of approximately 2 million liras, started on 24 March 2018. Approximately 92.000 passengers are carried daily in Konak tram

Konak Tram Route

After the tram line starts from Fahrettin Altay, along the Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, the road continues separately by land and sea and unites on the Quarantine Highway Underpass built in front of Mithatpaşa Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and continues on its way by the coast. After passing Konak Pier, it follows Cumhuriyet Boulevard and reaches Gazi Boulevard, then Poet Eşref Boulevard and follows Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard and Ziya Gökalp Boulevard. Continuing from Atatürk Street, the line divides again in front of Alsancak Station. While the direction of departure reaches Halkapınar from Şehitler Street, the direction of rotation starts from Halkapınar and follows Liman Caddesi. You can transfer from the tram line to the Halkapınar, Konak and Fahrettin Altay stations of the Izmir metro and to the Alsancak and Halkapınar stations of İZBAN. The journey on the line takes 41 minutes from start to finish.

Konak Tram Stations

  • Fahrettin Altay
  • Üçkuyular
  • Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center
  • Güzelyali
  • Göztepe
  • Loyalty
  • Bridge
  • Quarantine
  • Karatas
  • Mansion
  • Gazi Boulevard
  • Kültürpark-Atatürk High School
  • Hocazade Mosque
  • Atatürk Sports Hall
  • Alsancak Gar
  • Stadium
  • Coal gas
  • University
  • Halkapınar

Konak tram serves with 21 vehicles. The tram vehicles produced at the facilities of South Korean firm Hyundai Rotem's in Adapazarı are 32 meters long, with a total capacity of 48 people with 285 seats.

Konak Tram Time

Konak Tram is a light rail line that operates on weekdays. Regular working hours: 00:00 - 23:52

Day Working hours
Pazartesi 00nd FIUMANKA
Tuesday 00nd FIUMANKA
Wednesday 00nd FIUMANKA
Thursday 00nd FIUMANKA
Cuma 00nd FIUMANKA
Saturday 00nd FIUMANKA
Sunday 00nd FIUMANKA

Konak Tram Fee Schedule

Izmir tram fare was changed with the decision taken by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council after the 2019 municipal elections. This amendment covers not only the tram but also all public transport. While student fees were discounted, other tickets were increased. İzmir public transportation fees are as follows;

  • Full ticket price: $ 3,56
  • Student ticket price: 1,64 TL
  • Teacher ticket price: 3,00 TL
  • 60 years ticket price: 3,00 TL

Map of Konak Tramvay


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