İzmir Karşıyaka Tram Timetable Stations Schedule and Map

İzmir Karşıyaka Tram Timetable Stations Schedule and Map
İzmir Karşıyaka Tram Timetable Stations Schedule and Map

Karşıyaka tram, T1 for short, was built by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as part of Tram Izmir 14 stops ve 8,8 It is a kilometer long tram line. The tram line starts from Alaybey and ends in Ataşehir. There are 17 vehicles on the tram line.

T450 (which is the first leg of the Tram İzmir project, which was implemented in İzmir with an investment of approximately 1 million liras by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.Karşıyaka Rail laying works of the tram line started in April 2015 and test drives started in January 2017. The tram line started operating on April 11, 2017 with passenger voyages.Karşıyaka approximately 41.000 passengers are transported daily on the tram.

Karşıyaka Tram Route

The tram line starts from Alaybey as a single line. Karşıyaka After the pier, it continues as a double line. The tram reaches Ataşehir near Mavişehir Train Station, following Cemal Gürsel Caddesi, Hasan Ali Yücel Boulevard, 2018. Sokak, Şehit Cengiz Topel Caddesi, Selçuk Yaşar Sokak and Cahar Dudayev Boulevard by the coast. It is also possible to transfer from the tram line to İZBAN, ferries and buses.

Karşıyaka Tram Stations

Durak Platform Bağlantı Notes
Alaybey 1 island platform İZBAN Approximately 500 m walking distance from the tram stop and the train station.
Karşıyaka Scaffolding 1 island platform Bus, Ferry
Wedding Palace 1 island platform No
Dolphins 1 island platform No
Bostanli Iskele 2 side platforms Bus, Ferry, Ferry Stage platform
Bazaar 2 side platforms No
Provincial House 2 side platforms No
Contact Selçuk directly 1 island platform No
atakent 2 side platforms No
Science Museum 1 island platform No
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Sports Hall 1 island platform No
Mavişehir 1 island platform No
Ring road 2 side platforms No The warehouse is located near this stop.
Flat 1 island platform İZBAN 825 numbered Mavişehir Transfer - Ataşehir Tram bus to Mavişehir Train Station.

Karşıyaka Tram Hours

Karşıyaka Light rail line for tram operates on weekdays. Regular working hours: 00:00 - 23:50

Day Working hours
Pazartesi 00:00 - 23h50
Tuesday 00:00 - 23h50
Wednesday 00:00 - 23h50
Thursday 00:00 - 23h50
Cuma 00:00 - 23h50
Saturday 00:00 - 23h50
Sunday 00:00 - 23h50

Karşıyaka Tram Fee Schedule

Izmir tram fare was changed with the decision taken by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council after the 2019 municipal elections. This amendment covers not only the tram but also all public transport. While student fees were discounted, other tickets were increased. İzmir public transportation fees are as follows;

  • Full ticket price: $ 3,56
  • Student ticket price: 1,64 TL
  • Teacher ticket price: 3,00 TL
  • 60 years ticket price: 3,00 TL

Karşıyaka Tram Map

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