Istanbul Card Smart will be in the center of Istanbul

istanbulkart will be in the center of smart istanbul
istanbulkart will be in the center of smart istanbul

Istanbul is the world's most intelligent of the new management of the city set out with the goal of making one of IMM, when realizing automation of urban life, Istanbul Card found among Turkey's most used card will validate all fields, to launch educational programs to tens of thousands of young leaders training .

The five names that govern the IT process of IMM are 13 yesterday. Bil Smart Cities ”within the scope of Istanbul Informatics Congress. Informatics Association of Turkey and the congress organized by Bahcesehir University, moderated the session IMM Data Processing Department Head Dr. Erol Özgüner did it. The speakers of the session were BELBİM A.Ş. General Manager Yücel Karadeniz is the General Manager of İSTTELKOM A.Ş. Nihat Narin, General Manager of ISBAK A.Ş. General Manager Esat Temimhan and UGETAM A.Ş. Director General Dr. Ibrahim Edin was.

No “Smart City yoksa without infrastructure

İSTTELKOM A.Ş. Nihat Narin, General Manager of ISTTELKOM AS, provided the foundation for tem Smart Cities.. Narin said: en We will present the most important element that can help the city life to be automated or 'Industry 4.0'.

In We need to understand the Earth to understand the importance of our work. Telecom infrastructure of the world is installing new functions. Good and perfect infrastructure is no longer an added value for Telecom operators. Infrastructure companies will do this job now, ”he said.

Narin said, “If there is no infrastructure, there is no 'Smart City',“ said Narin. “We will put all our experience in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the Telecom infrastructure at IMM”.

A new era has started for Istanbul

İSBAK A.Ş. General Manager Esat Temimhan said that a new era has begun for Istanbul and added: de Our duty in this new period is to bring wise solutions to the existing problems of the people of Istanbul and to develop solutions that touch Istanbulites. Tem

İSBAK A.Ş. Temimhan stated that 10 is carrying out R & D activities and that there are graduate and doctorate students in this team. Temimhan said that they are open to all ideas when they say mek Smart solutions to the needs of the city means 'Smart City' davet and invited everyone to contribute.

Istanbul Card will be developed at 2020

After Temimhan, BELBİM A.Ş. General Manager Yücel Karadeniz said, “Istanbul Card has been used as a transportation card until today. We are transforming this transportation card by putting it at the center of the city's life. ” Karadeniz said that 20 is a million active Istanbul Card and not only Istanbul residents use it. This number even number of cards from the Black Sea region of Turkey's largest bank, explaining that a number twice the size of the card is reported that Istanbul present value reached $ 3 billion.

According to the Black Sea, in the first half of 2020, Istanbul Card will be valid in big markets, cafes and chains in the city and shopping can be done with Istanbul Card. The Istanbul Card, which is expected to be merged with the Museum Card, will become a city card.

We don't know what we're on

UGETAM A.Ş. Director General Dr. İbrahim Edin mentioned that we do not have enough information about Istanbul. Professor Dr. Edin says, “It is not known which pipe passes through the historical peninsula and when the pipe valve was last serviced. As a result, we do not know what we are sitting on today. We do not know what risks we are facing on the earthquake, natural gas and water sides. Prof. Prof. Dr. UGATEM has also carried out educational activities. Dr. Edin announced the launch of the “Young Leaders Training Program için for about 10 thousand young talents.

Istanbul's data becomes clear

Speaking at the end of the speech Dr.. Özgüner stated that a “Big Data” platform is needed to manage all these initiatives. At this stage, the integration of IMM on this subject is remarkable. Özgüner said that the next job is to make sense of this data and then use it in solutions.

The oil of the new era, the gold is evaluated as data, Dr. said. Özgüner also gave the good news that Istanbul's data will become “Open Data ile with a study conducted in“ Zemin Istanbul ”.

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