İSPARK Will Make Life Easier for Istanbulites with Technological Transformation

ispark will facilitate the lives of Istanbul residents with technological transformation
ispark will facilitate the lives of Istanbul residents with technological transformation

“Parking İstanbul session was held within the scope of İstanbul Sustainable Transportation Congress in of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Facilitation of the session (moderator) Lecturer. Member Mustafa Sinan did the help. The session discussed all aspects of parking lots in the context of the current situation, economy and problems and solutions.

Within the scope of Büyük Sustainable Transportation Congress in of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the subject of parking in Istanbul was discussed. Yıldız Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering. Lecturer. Mustafa Çakır, General Manager of İSPARK, Sabancı University Faculty Member Prof.Dr. Dr. Eren İnci and Marmara University Lecturer. Member Abdullah Demir took the floor. In the same session, as a panelist, Müştak Ağrikli facilitator from Automatic Parking Systems Inc. He joined charity.

İSPARK will facilitate the lives of Istanbulites with technological transformation

İSPARK General Manager Murat Çakır said that on-road parking is one of the small businesses of İSPARK, and that the main burden is the parking lot businesses that serve in different ways with 100 thousand platforms. He mentioned that İSPARK also works in different areas such as bus terminal, marine vehicle park, bicycle rental business, aircraft park management besides the highway car park. Çakır stated that they are focusing on the park issue and that they are planning to develop their business lines in different fields.

Çakır stated that İSPARK attaches importance to technological transformation and that they have implemented options such as card and mobile payment instead of cash payment in the field in the first place. At the same time, reading the plate with the camera, mobile applications, such as the renewal of the work, he said. İSPARK, who plans to implement many innovative steps in 2020, added that they are planning to build charging stations for electric vehicles and that they aim to be in new areas such as bicycles and electric bicycles.

The second most important problem of Istanbul is traffic density

Sabancı University has been working on urban economics and transportation economics. Member Dr. Eren İnci started her presentation by stating that the most important problem of Istanbul is the earthquake and the traffic density is the second problem that follows. Eren said: “Five percent of the life expectancy of a car is in motion, and the rest is parked. We see that this park is an economy. This is quite an important issue, but elsewhere ... "saying that Turkey's parking area is larger than the city of Yalova, he said.

Correct price policy should be followed in parking lots

Saying that parking is an important intermediate product, İnci said that this product, which is based on a large land use, can be created by determining the right price in the short term and creating a solution. Pearl highlighted the need to create the right economy through the search for a parking space and an optimal remuneration to cover the resources spent during this time. He said that in order to make such a study, studies should be done on how many vehicles are in search of parking spaces.

In his study with Van Ommeren and Kobus, İnci said that they have developed a computational model for intensive moments and that this model can be generalized to be used for moments requiring normal and sparse parking.

Mentioning that if the parking fees are cheaper than necessary, this will bring more costs to everyone living in the city, even İnci road parks affect many prices, especially house prices, and concluded his words by saying "Think twice when you do not pay parking money".

Pricing policy extends parking time

Marmara University Lecturer. Member Abdullah Demir made a presentation titled Temel Basic Problems Regarding Parking Management in Istanbul and Suggestions for Solution ”. Demir stated that the price of parking on the road, which is around 70 minutes due to low wage increase after the first hour in parking lots, increased to 120 minutes.

Demir, parking lot management, local governments, central administration, including problems at all levels of the distance can be taken by solving them, he said.

Demir concluded his speech by saying mümkün It is possible to solve this problem by approaching Istanbul holistically ”.

Current legislation says:

Speaking after the session Automated Parking Systems Inc. in Turkey was mentioned that the special issue focusing Müştak view of the parking lot is quite problematic. Ağrikli hiçbir Nowhere else in the world does the parking lot look like we do. Parking is considered to be part of the house all over the world. Well, as you get home you do not receive otoparksız a toilet house "in Turkey, saying the legislation did not recognize the seriousness of this possibility. Stating that the continuous postponement of the legislation is an indication, Ağrikli said, er Municipalities do not even conduct audits unless there are complaints. ”

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