Interesting Suggestion for Metrobus Road

interesting for metrobus road
interesting for metrobus road

IETT Assembly where IETT's 2020 budget negotiations took place, in November sessions, IYI Party Group Sözcüsu and road safety expert Dr.Suat Sarı made a speech evaluating the budget.

In his speech about the new vehicles to be taken to the metrobus line Yellow, also made a remarkable proposal.

SözcüAccording to the news in the field; Sarı stated that the 42-kilometer metrobus line between Beylikdüzü-Söğütlüçeşme can be used for other purposes.

Yellow, metrobus corridor on Sundays between 07.00-13.00 hours closed on certain routes, children cycling, walking with their families and used as a sports area suggested.

Noting that there are examples of this practice in South America, Sarı said that it can be successfully applied in Istanbul.


Sarı suggested testing the vehicles of other bus manufacturers, especially South American countries, who have been doing this business for 50 years for 20 new BRT vehicles.

Yellow, 50 bus purchase will solve the problem for the year 3-4 said, "3 year after the same chaos again to live in the same chaos metro line must be made," he said.



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