İnönü University will recruit academic staff

inonu university will recruit academic staff
inonu university will recruit academic staff

Inonu University Rectorate's following units; Regulation on Procedures and Principles Regarding Central Examination and Entrance Exams to be Applied in Appointments to Faculty Members Other than Faculty Members, applicants to faculty members within the scope of article 2547 of the Higher Education Law No. 31, applicants to the research staff, within the scope of article 2547 / d of Law No. 50 and Civil Servants No. 657. 48 teaching staff will be recruited in accordance with the provisions of Article 29 of the Law. Announced. Documents and detailed information required for application available at.

Announcement Start Date: This is the date when the advertisement is published in the Official Gazette.
Application deadline:Date of Pre-Evaluation: 09.01.2020
Examination Date: 15.01.2020 Result Disclosure Date: 17.01.2020
Application Form: Application Address in person or by mail: It will be made to the related units where the staff is located.
Internet Address to Disclose Results: is

1- To carry the conditions specified in Article 657 of the Law No. 48
2- A score of at least 70 from ALES and a score of at least 50 from the central foreign language exam accepted by the Higher Education Council or equivalent score from an equivalent exam. The ALES score is 70 in the pre-evaluation and final evaluation stages of the applicants who wish to benefit from the central examination exemption.
3- The equivalence of the 4 and 5 grade systems to be used in the calculation of the undergraduate graduation grade in the pre-assessment and final assessment stages is determined by the decision of Higher Education Council. The Senate of the University decides on the equivalence of the other grading systems to the grading system of 100. In the appointments to be made to the instructor cadres in accordance with the sub-paragraph (i) of the first paragraph of article 100 of the Higher Education Law dated 4/4/11 and numbered 1981; In appointments of lecturers to be employed in the applied departments of international relations and foreign languages ​​of higher education institutions, it is required to have at least 2547 points from the central foreign language exam accepted by Higher Education Board in a language or equivalent score from an exam which is accepted as equivalent. 5- With the provisions of Article 80 of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Central Examination and Entrance Examination to be applied in the appointments to the faculty members other than the faculty members of the Priority Field Research Assistants, “It will be done in accordance with the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Postgraduate Training of the Appointments of Research Assistants' Staff.

Documents Required in Application:
1. Application Form for Academic Staff. ( is Enter the Personnel Department page at. You can access it by clicking "Application Form for Faculty Members" from Documents - Forms section)
2. Resume.
3. E-government gate ( isand the student certificate, (the certificate showing the equivalence of the diplomas of the graduates of foreign higher education institutions by the Presidency of Higher Education Council).
4. Original signed or certified copy of bachelor's, master's, doctorate and specialty graduation certificates approved by official authorities.
5. The original signed copy of the license transcript document or the wet signed approved document approved by the authorities.
6. Two biometric photographs.
7. ALES result document with QR code obtained from OSYM result disclosure system.
8. Foreign Language Certificate (YDS, YÖKDİL, or equivalent).
9. Wet signed document obtained from the related institution and the number of premium days received from the SSI and the business signed document indicating the number of business days
10. e-government gateway for candidates applying for Research Assistant positions ( is) from the square-coded student certificate.
11- Applications that are not made within the deadline and files with missing documents will not be taken into consideration.
12- The University is not responsible for the delays in the post.
13- The University reserves the right to make changes to the examination calendar in case of necessity. All announcements made on the University website are notified. No written notification shall be made to the persons.

1-Central examination requirement is not required for those who have completed doctorate or medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine expertise or proficiency in art, who will be appointed to the specialization fields of vocational schools determined by Higher Education Council, and who have worked or worked in academic staff in higher education institutions.
2- Foreign language requirement is not required for applications to be made to the teaching staff of Vocational Schools except for the teaching staff in the scope of Article 4 under the General Conditions.

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