İmamoğlu: Every Citizen Should Object to the Channel Istanbul Project!

imamoglu every citizen should object to channel istanbul project
imamoglu every citizen should object to channel istanbul project

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluAfter explaining why he is against Kanal Istanbul in 15 articles, he answered the questions of the members of the press. How will the withdrawal of IMM from the Kanal Istanbul cooperation protocol affect the project? İmamoğlu replied, “I don't have such a project in mind. Because there will be no project. So the project will not be done. Therefore, our withdrawal from the project does not mean that we will watch the project from afar. Every citizen should object to Kanal Istanbul.”

Imamoglu, another journalist, 'We are studying land movements' you said. The Environment Minister said there was no such activity. What did you find in your first investigation regarding the zoning and land mobility? The Minister of Environment and Urbanism should not speak like this. Sure, 'there is no movement of the plot' he says. Let me give an example; Since 2011 the plot has moved to a total of 30 million square meters. Can I tell you something more painful? There are families with hundreds of years of land, except for a few areas from the largest root family, except for them. The first 3 companies with the largest land are Arab companies. If they want details, we have all the details. We share. ”

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu, in the Saraçhane Campus Meeting Hall, explained why it is against Kanal Istanbul at a press conference. Explaining the damages that Kanal Istanbul will cause to Istanbul in 15 articles with scientific reports, İmamoğlu then answered the questions of the press members about the agenda within the framework of Kanal Istanbul.

The questions of local and foreign press members and the answers of Imamoglu are as follows:


Question: How will the withdrawal of IMM from Kanal İstanbul cooperation protocol affect the project?

Bile I can't imagine how it will affect the project; because there will be no project. So the project will not be done. Therefore, our withdrawal from the project does not mean that we will watch the project from a distance. It means that we fight our legal struggle not to be completely. In this respect, a project without the Istanbul people and IMM cannot be in this city. Nowhere in the world is a project without the will of a city people, it can not be done, it is another name. Turkey will not accept such a move will not. "


Question: How much burden was imposed on Istanbul with this protocol, what exactly was the content of this protocol? When the mother of the Qatar emir came around the canal buying land, you said, incel We are studying land movements hareket. The Environment Minister said there was no such activity. What did you find in your first investigation regarding the zoning and land mobility?

“We are talking about a cost of around 75 billion lira for the Metropolitan Municipality, such as the analyzes made by the IMM rapidly and emphasized in the EIA report, or the cost of 23 billion. But let's underline that these are relative costs. There is no rigorous analysis in this. I am capable of analyzing the difference between processes for exact costs. 23 billion is a very relative concept. So we can express this today; but if you multiply by two, you wouldn't be doing a big mistake. The cost for him is great. When we say these things, we are not just saying. The numbers must be taken seriously. Let me say this about the purchase of land; Mr. Minister, I am making very wrong sentences, I am sorry. The Minister of Environment and Urbanization does not speak on behalf of the environment and urbanism. His words are unfortunately contradictory. It tries to paint the eyes of the people by explaining the city with a population of 1 million 150 thousand as a smart city with a population of 500 thousand. The Minister of Environment and Urbanization should not speak like that. He confidently says 'there is no plot movement'. Let me give an example; Since 2011, the plot has reached 30 million square meters of movement. If the Minister wishes, he can request all change actions in written form or by phone, we are on the phone. We respect the ministry, I share it with him. 30 million .. What are we going on? Are you aware that I did not go into these issues? But these are the details. There are more important issues. Why is this interest in these agricultural areas? Shall I tell you something more painful? Except for a few areas that come from the largest root family, there are families with hundreds of years of land. The top 3 companies with the largest land are Arab companies. If they want details from us, we have all the details. We share. Do you know what 30 million square meters means? Let me say that too. Beyoğlu is not enough, plus Bayrampaşa is not enough, and add Gaziosmanpaşa on top of it. My compatriots from Gaziosmanpaşalı, Bayrampaşalı and Beyoğlu understand better what I mean. "


Question: There is a 10-day suspension period after the EIA report is announced. Will IBB be included in this appeal period?

“Of course we will be involved. We will be included in the objection period. I am concerned about Istanbul like the call I just made. Tomorrow, I want to live in a healthy environment as a citizen living in Istanbul, without anyone exaggerating the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. It is enough to say that the Kanal Istanbul project is against the risk of destroying Terkos, the water resources of Istanbul, Sazlıdere, against the EIA report. He will send his petition to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Or he will deliver it to the branch of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Istanbul. Everyone has the right. We will legally seek our right. Millions of people can object to this. Institutions should, as per their responsibilities. If not, let him declare and say 'I am not'. This city has institutions, non-governmental organizations. There are voting boards with hundreds of thousands of members. Let them think, analyze, analyze and ask if they want to ask us. Silence is playing dumb mute. The character I never liked. ”


Question: Two choices kazanYou say that you are the mayor of 16 million Istanbulites after the Among 16 million there are people who defend Kanal Istanbul. You are a mayor who also represents them. At the same time, Kanal Istanbul seems to be an early election project and you speak like an opposition leader...

“I have nothing to do with any definition you say. I am the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. I'm not criticizing a project in California. I criticize a project in Istanbul. So I did my description of the general political atmosphere in Turkey with the irrelevant scientific data. I did it with reason and science. Not every individual like me has to think in Istanbul. As you said, there may be people saying "I want Kanal Istanbul" in this city. But I decompose with one thing; I diverge from those who say 'I want' politically. I diverge with those who say 'I want' because someone wants. I also separate with those who say 'I don't want' and 'I don't want'. Let them believe in science, not me; to mind and science. Early elections etc. have nothing to do with me. The central government is making decisions. I think ask them this question. I do not know if they put forward for this. But we struggle to protect Istanbul, its people and its right. ”


Question: Presidency sözcüİbrahim Kalın made a statement. “Canal Istanbul is a state project, not a municipality. It is a project done for Turkey. "It doesn't make much sense to try to prevent this with approaches like we don't have it done." He also said that the project is not a project that eliminates Montreux. How do you respond to these words?

“There is already a contradiction in Montreux. Someone says 'Montreux' someone says 'Not Montreux'. Someone says 'Montreux is our pride'. Someone says 'survivor'. So everyone has an opinion. I do not understand. There is no consensus there. Another issue is a state project. So every project is a state project. The park we built in Istanbul is also a state project. What do you mean I'm not the state? So let them give up this understanding. A project is not a party project. Every project in Istanbul is a project of this city. It is what I said the first day I started; I said 'Nobody can introduce any project we have done as a CHP project'. It is the project of the city of Istanbul of the people of Istanbul. It's not like someone else described it. Nobody gives it out of their pocket. It is an effort to use the resources of the public in the best way and to produce efficient projects. There is a delegation to ask about the project you will do. Analysis, feasibility. The EIA report is there for God's sake. You do not take the Metropolitan Municipality into consideration. You are changing the report of the State Airports. You do not pay attention to İSKİ, you do not consider DSİ. Who do you take into account? I know and feel - this is my feeling, I can be wrong - including those who made this statement, including those in the cabinet, most of the people in the cabinet who defended this, including those who were in the cabinet in the past, in their hearts and conscience say, 'I have this Ekrem, I swear it is true' but they cannot say this. I will speak for them. "


Question: It is clear that the President is very determined about Kanal Istanbul. MHP Chairman was also a statement. We understand that the ruling bloc agrees. Therefore, this business will be on the agenda and will come in front of you constantly. What do you intend to do about it? Will Brexit be an option?

“I brought up this issue in fifty places during the Beylikdüzü Mayorship period. Nobody heard us. Now everyone has heard. So Istanbulites are more aware of Kanal Istanbul than ever before. This is the first thing. Istanbul did not experience such a period. ”


Question: Until this time, a cost of 75 billion liras has been shown. I wonder if the Metropolitan Municipality has a different account? Metropolitan Municipality calls its share 35 billion; but the total cost of the project on your account?

“We said we did a project, we said we did a feasibility. I don't know if you're aware; seven-minute 3D tour. In 3D, they show us million-dollar yachts, show marinas, and show seventy-story buildings. Shall I go further? They show one replica of Dolmabahçe Palace. They show you a Chinese palace, a Japanese palace. I don't understand. What is this project? What are you doing? There's a tanker passing by like a Hollywood movie. He shows Istanbul by visiting or something .. Now what should I guess through this project? I'm guessing. I'm guessing that reveals the nature and nature. But if this is the project I drew .. Why the President showed. Seven minutes on social media. Sometimes we see in the hands of our children, Playstation games, more creative JoVE than them. The game you know. Pity sin. I know the project, I really do. Let's not cheat on these people, let's paint them. If you don't, you won't be able to, if you have another intention, say it. A journalist friend just told me. If you say, 'We have no other intention, we will do this', the conscience of 82 million and the conscience of 16 million is before you. Therefore, the cost account can not be entered. But I say, multiply what they say by two, multiply by three I swear you are not wrong. Therefore, God bless our pocket, the source of the public, and the spirituality, history, nature of this city, and our 16 million people. ”


Question: Is it legally possible to carry out this project by legally disabling IMM?

“It's okay if you break the law, but we won't. Our people take the law very seriously and protect the law. He uses his legal rights. You will see this. Don't worry. They asked me these questions: 'If you are elected, will they give you Istanbul?'. Who do you not give your property to? Is this your father's property, you will not give it away. We received trust from the people of Istanbul. A certain period will end, after 5 years there will be an election, one kazanwill ache. I will also entrust it. Do not be afraid. Millions of people have common sense in this city.”


Question: Your comment about the EIA Report lar

“The company that prepared the EIA report, the company that prepared the project, everything is under our hands. Everyone is responsible. Look, let me get your attention; Take a look at the technical people behind the EIA report. One approving person, Hz. There is someone who explains that Noah was using a phone. Hz. Noah informed him with his cell phone. Now, of course, I question the seriousness. Let me go further, why did not a single professor of this beautiful country sign an academic. A problem. I don't even need to answer the others. "

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