İmamoğlu: Closing of Atatürk Airport Should Be Discussed Again

imamoglu ataturk airport closure should be discussed again
imamoglu ataturk airport closure should be discussed again

İmamoğlu: Closing Atatürk Airport Should Be Discussed Again; Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluIn his speech at the “Sustainable Transportation Congress”, he emphasized that Atatürk Airport is one of the important resources of the city. İmamoğlu said, “We want the issue of closure of Atatürk Airport to be re-discussed and underlined. We don't care if this discussion upsets or upsets anyone. On behalf of 16 million people, it is our natural right to discuss, talk and get everyone's opinion on this issue, and we will take it to the end.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) organized a "Sustainable Transportation Congress" titled "Istanbul Talks about Transportation" to talk about the transportation problems of the city. Orhan Demir, Deputy Secretary General of IMM in charge of transportation, made the first speech at the congress, which was held at the Istanbul Congress Center and will last for 2 days. After Demir, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlumade the opening speech of the congress. İmamoğlu stated that they came together to discuss the transportation problem, one of the most important problems of Istanbul, and to find solutions with a common mind. "Transportation in Istanbul is unfortunately a very difficult personality test for all of us, it's a complete life rasp," said İmamoğlu, adding, "Istanbul's transportation problems did not arise in a day. It has accumulated over the years, accumulated, and today it has reached a critical threshold. So much so that Istanbulites often say that they have lost their belief that the transportation problem can be solved. We have to reverse this and make everyone believe that Istanbul's transportation problem is solvable.”


Imamoglu, in his speech, shared interesting data about the city and the transportation problem. The area in which IMM is responsible; İmamoğlu stated that it covers an area of ​​165 45 5 square kilometers, 343 kilometers between the east-west ends and 165 kilometers between the north-south ends. In 45, the number of daily trips is expected to increase and reach 2018 million 31oo thousand. The total number of travels from one side of Istanbul to the other was 700 in 2023. As of 36, this number reached 8 million 2000 thousand passes. In 962, the total number of collar crossing trips is predicted to reach 2018 million 2 thousand. Within the area of ​​responsibility of IMM, there is a road network of 150 thousand kilometers and an average of 2023 new vehicles participate in these traffic every day. All these data show that the major parameters of transportation in Istanbul, such as the number of trips, the number of vehicles, are constantly and rapidly growing. For this reason, it is essential that solutions in transportation have to have a solid future perspective and are sustainable. ”


“The Ulaşım Istanbul Transportation Strategy olan which we are working on and which we will finalize with your contributions, defines 6 main goals and objectives, İm İmamoğlu said:

“First of all, we aim to improve urban transport within the scope of sustainable mobility. Second, we aim to improve integration, accessibility and quality in public transport. Third, we will surely increase the rail network and its share in public transport. Fourth, we will increase the capacity of maritime transport and its share in public transport. Fifth, we will ensure the efficient management of traffic by increasing smart transportation systems and transportation infrastructure applications. Finally, we will strengthen the road systems infrastructure and make it sustainable. ”


Pointing out that if Istanbul becomes a “disciplined city” with all its elements, some of its problems can be solved with small touches, Imamoglu said, “In addition to all these goals and objectives, we must also consider the human and social dimension of transportation. In this context, creating walkable, comfortable, safe pedestrian zones and squares, enabling disadvantaged groups such as disabled, elderly and children to benefit from transportation systems more easily, designing a human-oriented design at stops and stations that are accessible to all citizens, in accordance with safety criteria, and of course, reduction is also among our goals. We cannot solve Istanbul's transportation problems by wasting the already limited resources of this country and this city. We must find ways to use the values ​​we have in the most efficient way. The solution to this is common sense. "Whatever element is in the future of this city, we have to find a common mind and find ways to use the resources of this city in the most efficient way."


Stating that Atatürk Airport is one of these important sources, İmamoğlu said, “We want the issue of the closure of Atatürk Airport to be re-discussed, re-discussed and underlined. We don't care if this debate annoys or upset anyone. In the name of 16 million people, it is our natural right to discuss, talk and get the opinion of everyone, and we will take it to the end. What, why are we closing? What will the negative and positive effects of tomorrow bring and take? And this city, this country, all of us. A person's life is certain. In other words, God give everyone a good life; but our term of office is coming and going. Some 5, some 10, some 20 years. But it's over. Then what will we entrust to this country? Many people in history are judged for what they do, they boast of what they do, and they are grateful. I say that; today provides us the convenience of communication. Communication at the same time allows the community to meet quickly and quickly. In this city, we have to discuss Atatürk Airport. I am the President of IMM. I do not want to compare any Istanbulite with such a surprise. Everyone has the right to information in Istanbul. Even the 4-5 year old child, our daughters, our sons, even when we all go home we account. Therefore, we should be able to discuss such an era in such an era. For example, should Atatürk Airport be closed or open? What economic data? A scientist friend will tell us about this. We know it is our duty to open all these issues to discuss all our values. ”


Prof. İmamoğlu came to the microphone. Dr. Haluk Gerçek showed the importance of Atatürk Airport for Istanbul with scientific data. Professor Truth, in the conclusion of his speech, “There are economic losses due to the closure of a working airport. There are losses that may arise due to shutting down of service and maintenance services. There are economic losses in hotels and commercial uses around Atatürk Airport. We know that Atatürk Airport is very important in terms of providing logistic support after a possible earthquake. There are benefits to running 3 airports integratedly. It is possible to connect 3 airports with the rail system. Here's what to do: Ask again. Why is Atatürk Airport not used? We must open this up for discussion. Decisions regarding the city should be taken with the participation of all the stakeholders of the city. When you look at the cities in Europe, it takes 6 years. We suddenly closed a huge airport, without asking anyone, without consulting. It is a pity that such a thing is in a metropolis like Istanbul. ”

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