Free Transportation to 1 Million Disabled Passengers on Railways

Free Transportation to 1 Million Disabled Passengers on Railways
orange table application starts at the station and stations today

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, accessibility of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey, voicing continued at every stage of transportation of project implementation, "the scope of the project, transportation is one of the most basic rights and needs of the most comfortable, easiest way to meet and more with the public In order to integrate, we will launch the Orange Table application in 2 December. ”

Turhan, the Ministry, the work carried out to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities told.

Conducted under the auspices of the Ministry "Accessibility Project of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey" that the continued implementation of all modes of transportation voicing Turhan, said that one of the barrier-free transport services to put an application.

Turhan stated that the Orange Table application will be put into service in 2 December in order to meet the most basic rights and needs of disabled people in the most convenient, easy way and to integrate more with the society. and then help would be systematic, he said.

“Orange Table is being implemented at 13 station”

Turhan stated that the passengers who want to benefit from this application will click the link on the ticket sales screen and fill out the “Assistance Request Form” and forward their assistance requests.

“Passengers requesting assistance via the internet address will be assisted by the staff at the Orange Table service point during their travels. In this process, the relevant passenger, accompanied by the staff to travel to the seat and the arrival station to the station again with the help of the staff will be delivered to the exit. You are not alone in your train travels The Orange Table application, which was implemented by TCDD and TCDD General Directorate of Transportation with the mission of Önce Human First misyon, is implemented with 13 personnel at the 53 station / station where high-speed trains stop in the first place. ”

“Free access to 1 million disabled passengers this year”

Ankara, Eryaman, Eskisehir, Konya, Pendik, Sogutlucesme, Halkalı, Izmit, Polatli, Bozuyuk, Bilecik, Arifiye, Gebze stations will be given the Orange Table service, Turhan, YHT'ler also have all kinds of facilities for the comfort and comfort of disabled passengers said.

Expressing that there are special places reserved for disabled passengers in the YHT sets, there are toilets for disabled people and disabled ramps for landing and boarding trains, Turhan said, çalış Efforts are continuing to make the existing vehicle fleet and new vehicles accessible to disabled passengers. In order to communicate with the hearing impaired passengers, 20 personnel were given sign language training at the 76 workplace and 208 personnel at the forefront of public relations were trained in communication with disabled passengers. ”

Turhan also emphasized that disabled assistants are employed in the Call Center numbered 444 82 33, and that there is the possibility of video calls through the Call Center.

Reminding that only the passenger with a disability rate of 40 is able to travel free of charge with the disabled person and his companion who have a disability rate of 50 and above, Turhan said that last year YHT, 1 outline and regional trains provided free transportation to more than XMUMX million disabled passengers.

Posta Visually impaired postage free ”

Turhan, World Development Association for the Disabled and Friends of the Headquarters until the end of this year, the current APS Courier, Postal Cargo and Cargo Transport Agreement, he said.

Turkey to those in need in the general wheelchair, that cordless tools sent pointing Turhan, the APS in 0-30 kilogram range Courier / Mail Shipping is charged 16 pounds, while in 30 kilograms above the cargo told me so 30 discounts apply.

PTT AŞ offered to customers by some PTTMatiklerin keyboards suitable for the use of the visually impaired keyboards that draw attention to the Turhan, PTTMatiklerin deposit, withdrawal and receipt receipt units on the part of the use of the blind for the use of the visually impaired unit name is written.

Yüzde 25 discount on cable services yüzde

about 3 million hearing impaired to benefit from more effective e-Government Gateway services in Turkey for the purpose of "e-Government No Barriers" project Turhan emphasized that realization, over the web in 2015 ( is), mobile phones over the last year (android, iOS), the center of hearing-impaired citizens reported that the service began to be provided.

With the project, the requests, suggestions and complaints of the hearing-impaired citizens regarding the e-Government Gate directly to the representatives of citizens by conveying the misunderstanding and loss of time due to communication voiced Turhan, “This way, it is aimed to improve the quality of life of our hearing-impaired citizens. Our Barrier-Free Communication Center is open during 08.00-18.00 hours, except weekend and public holidays. Mostly in the services of the Social Security Institution, do not forget the password, the Revenue Administration Tax Debt Inquiry, the Ministry of Justice Criminal Record Record and Court Case File Inquiry calls are coming. Kul he said.

Turhan stated that 25 discount is applied in all tariffs and campaigns in cable services for disabled customers, adding that alın 5126 ”unblocked communication line provides customer requests free of charge via SMS.

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