ESHOT Exercise Receives Full Grade from Experts

ESHOT Ready for Emergency
ESHOT Ready for Emergency

ESHOT Exercise Receives Full Grade from Experts; ESHOT General Directorate Gediz Heavy Maintenance Facilities in the earthquake and fire drills were exciting minutes.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate, in accordance with the laws of emergency emergency exercises, does not search for action scenes. In the Gediz Heavy Maintenance Facility, 6,3 magnitude earthquake occurred as a result of the scenario, and therefore, a fire broke out in the electrical system in the central warehouse. The staff left the warehouse without panic, noticing the flames growing by the igniting of flammable materials and called the fire department. On the other hand, the staff in charge of extinguishing and evacuating fire entering the warehouse, extinguishing tubes made the first intervention to the fire. Exercise received full marks from experts

Employees gathered in the safe area were counted and the number was missing due to the exercise. Work has started to find the missing staff. After the first intervention by the medical team to the wounded staff, the staff was sent to the hospital by ambulance. With the help of these exercises, ESHOT General Directorate aims to be ready for possible emergencies.

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