Driver-Disabled Communication Training for Public Transport Drivers in Kocaeli

driver training for disabled people
driver training for disabled people

Driver-Disabled Communication Training for Public Transportation Drivers in Kocaeli; It continues to raise awareness of TransportationPark and other public transportation driver personnel, one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. In this context, 'Driver-handicapped passenger communication' training was given to TransportationPark drivers and public transportation drivers.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and Traffic Management Public Transportation Branch Directorate Training Unit TransportationPark continues to train the drivers and public transport drivers awareness. To this end, drivers were given training to get to know people with disabilities and to communicate without disabilities. Erkan Aydemir, the Training Expert, gave the 'Driver-Disabled Passenger Communication' training held at the Civil Society Center.


Sürücü Driver-disabled passenger communication 'training, which was presented in order to improve the relations between drivers and passengers in a positive way and to create awareness, continued for full day. The training will be provided in groups of 30 people and will be given to all drivers throughout the city. In the trainings, where all kinds of technical information were provided, issues related to how to treat disabled passengers were also discussed. It is aimed for the drivers to behave towards disabled people and to raise awareness for disabled people.


In the 'driver-disabled passenger communication' training, topics such as disability, types of disability, and unhindered communication with the disabled are explained. The training also offers solutions for the problems experienced by people with disabilities in general and public transportation. TransportationPark and public transport drivers are informed about driver-disabled passenger communication as well as driver occupational standards and ethics, public transport and traffic legislation training, driver behavior and psychology, safe and economic driving techniques, first aid and occupational diseases.

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