Diyarbakır Traffic Training Park Opened

Diyarbakır Traffic Training Park Opened
Diyarbakır Traffic Training Park Opened

Diyarbakır Traffic Training Park Opened: Diyarbakır Governor and Metropolitan Mayor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu opened the Traffic Training Park in Bağlar.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality in order to instill traffic culture and awareness of children in the district of Baglar Bağcılar Traffic Education Park was opened to service. The opening of the park, Governor and Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Hasan Basri Guzeloglu, Deputy General Director of Police Mehmet Fatih Serdengecti, Deputy General Directorate of Traffic Department and Deputy Heads of Police, Nihat Karabiber Governor of Baglar Metropolitan Municipality, Muhsin Eryilmaz, Mayor of Baglar Huseyin Beyoglu, Provincial Security Director Sukru Yaman, Deputy Director of Police in charge of traffic in 26 provinces and citizens attended. Güzeloğlu welcomed the flowers by the children at the entrance of the Traffic Education Park and cut the opening ribbon with the children.

Guzeloglu emphasized that Traffic Education Park aims to increase the traffic awareness of children and said, ız Our children will have fun and information with their families in this park. I wish our park to be auspicious and I am very happy to open the park to our children who are ambassadors of traffic today. May it be auspicious and auspicious. ” Guzeloglu visited the booths set up in Traffic Training Park, which was built on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters, and received information from the officials.

'We aim to make children volunteer traffic ambassadors in the scope of the studies and programs'

Güzeloğlu, who made a statement to the journalists after completing his trips in the Traffic Education Park, said: “Today is a really good day and a meaningful day for traffic. With the directives of our Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Süleyman Soylu, we are also hosting a great meeting with our precious Police Deputy General Manager from our 26 provinces, our Heads of Department Head Office and 26 city provincial security traffic assistants and branch managers. There was also a good meeting. Today, we have brought such a traffic education park to Diyarbakır for our children. Truly the enthusiasm of children is above all a park for both entertainment and education on traffic. At the same time, we aimed to have an environment and a place where parents and daughters will have a good time.

We have simulator tools that remind adults of the necessities, including the seat belt. In our education class, we have visual presentations for continuous education. We also have cars, overpasses, lights, stops and pedestrian crossings that provide both vehicle and pedestrian traffic of a city life. We consider this place as an important meeting place in this sense. I hope in the coming days, our children and volunteer traffic ambassadors within the scope of the studies and programs initiated by our ministry and the general directorate, we aim to be an adult who fully complies with the rules when it grows. I would like to thank everyone who contributed and all our guests, especially our valuable assistant general manager an.

'Here, our future, our children will build the park with traffic education in Turkey

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Deputy Director General Police, indicating that a role model built Traffic Training Park by Mayor Mehmet the Conqueror Serdengeçti said in a statement, "Here in traffic training park in the safety and wellbeing of points with which a role model for future-proof our future, our children will build the Turkey. They will send their parents the message of the education they learned from here in peace and security. At the same time, they will make the construction of the future together in peace. I would like to express my gratitude to our Metropolitan Municipality and Mr. Governor who brought this education park to our nation. ”

There are pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, overpasses, battery powered vehicles and various buildings (buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.) in the Traffic Education Park where children will have the chance to practice. In the practical training given in the Traffic Training Park, it is shown by expert instructors about what children should do in traffic, how to use overpasses, and what traffic signs and lights do. In addition, children are told about the traffic accidents and the role of seat belts in saving human lives with the simulation tool placed in the park. Kindergarten and elementary school students will benefit from Traffic Education Park. There are resting and play areas in the Traffic Training Park, where all materials from A to Z are in terms of traffic.

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