Department of Religious Affairs will recruit PDR Teacher

the department of religious affairs will make staff recruitment by oral interview
the department of religious affairs will make staff recruitment by oral interview

Religious Affairs Presidency in the provincial organization; 2018 Teacher (PDR) will be recruited openly according to the order of 2019 (three) times for the candidates who will be called 3 (three) times of the number of vacant positions specified in the table based on the 60 and XNUMX year KPSS score rankings for the staff whose class, title, education status and number are specified.

According to the announcement published by the Presidency of Religious Affairs; 3 multiplied by the number of squares in the KPSS score by calling the candidate in the order of success in the oral exam 60 PDR teacher will be openly recruited. “KPSSP121” score type at least 70 score requirement will be sought candidates, 4-17 December December through the exam application form ​​address. PDR prospective teachers should go to any provincial or district mufti with the required documents to get their exam applications approved.

Class Title Organization degree Education status
(Undergraduate Program)
Education and Training Class Teacher (PDR) Provincial 9 · Guidance and psychological counseling,
· Psychological Counseling and Guidance,
· Psychological Counseling and Guidance Teaching
KPSSP121 60


1. 657 Law No. Civil Servants 48 Article to meet the requirements,

2. To graduate from one of the departments mentioned in the table at the undergraduate level of universities,

3. 2018 and 2019 Public Personnel Selection Exam KPSSP121 score type to have at least 70 (seventy) points.


1. Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements must apply between 04 / 12 / 2019 – 17 / 12 / 2019
( to fill in the exam application form.

2. Candidates who fill in the application form will apply to any provincial or district office of the Mufti's Office between 04 / 12 / 2019 – 17 / 12 / 2019 between the hours 08.30-16.30 personally.

If they bring the required documents, third parties will be able to make the applications of those who are doing their military service abroad and abroad.

3. Provincial or district Mufti offices DİBBYS responsible, the candidate entered the exam application form and the documents submitted by the verification of the information after performing the verification process will perform. Applicants whose documents are missing will not be admitted.

4. Our Presidency ( The application requests of the candidates who do not fill out the application form and do not make the application approval process in the provincial or district mufti will not be taken into consideration.

5. The applicant himself / herself will be responsible for completing the application process without any mistake, complete and in accordance with the issues stated in the announcement.

6. There will be no change in the application information of the candidate for any reason after the application ends.

7. Applications that do not comply with the principles specified in this announcement will not be accepted.

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