Digital Silk Road Project Opens New Door for Relations with China

digital silk road project opens new door for relations with gin
digital silk road project opens new door for relations with gin

Digital Silk Road Project Has Opened A New Door In Relations With China; The fifth series of the conference series titled 'Understanding China, Doing Business with China', organized by the Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TÜSİAD) since 2012, was held in a hotel in Istanbul in cooperation with Istanbul Okan University Confucius Institute.

At the 5th conference titled "Understanding China & Doing Business with China" organized by TÜSİAD and Istanbul Okan University Confucius Institute, the rapid transformation in China's economic, social and technological field was examined in terms of Turkish business world and decision makers. strategies and policies in Turkey and reflections were evaluated global economy.

The opening speeches of the conference which took place at the InterContinental Hotel in Istanbul on Tuesday, December in cooperation with TÜSİAD and Confucius Institute of Istanbul Okan University, Selim Dursun, the Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of TÜSİAD, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Okan University Bekir Okan, Ç. Huang Songfeng, Consul General of the Consulate General of HC Istanbul and Korhan Kurdoğlu, President of TUSIAD China Network.

Simone Kaslowski: The desired reforms to be carried out in the world trade system can only be possible with China.

TÜSİAD President Simone Kaslowski gave the following messages in his opening speech: “After more than a year of economic reform and outward opening, China has become one of the leading players in shaping the international order. The desired reforms in the world trade system can only be possible with China.

To resolve the trade imbalance that exists since many years between the two countries, China from a long-term increase of direct investments in Turkey and the proliferation of partnership between China and more Chinese tourists to come to our country we care about so much. "

Bekir Okan: We should increase the number of Chinese tourists to 10 million

Bekir Okan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Okan University stated the following in his speech: "Okan University in Istanbul first Chinese Translation and Interpreting section founded in 2009 in Turkey. Our university and Okan College attach great importance to educating Chinese experts who are still lacking in our country and to educating university graduates who know Chinese. We also host the Confucius Institute. Each year 400 thousand Chinese tourists coming to Turkey. Our goal should be to increase this number to 10 million. We will give the necessary support to this goal as the closest University to Business Life. ”

Korhan Kurdoğlu: We need to make our relations much stronger for both countries

In his speech, President of TÜSİAD China Network Korhan Kurdoğlu; Iz We need to make our relations with our biggest trading partner in Asia much stronger for both countries, which is called as one of the new superpowers of the world with its investments and will be the world leader in economy and technology in the very near future.

I'm the president of TUSIAD in China Network both in Turkey and in China as well as in other international platforms are following closely all the developments linked to China, contributing to the development of cooperation and organizes many activities for China. " dedicate.

Selim Kervancı: We stand by entrepreneurs of both countries with value-added financing models

the scope of the assessment in the framework of the conference "Belt and Road ', indicating that Turkey has great importance in terms of geographical and geopolitical position of CEO of HSBC Turkey Selim Kervancı route, said:

We, as the country and the business world, should make good use of the opportunities of trade, investment and access to international markets offered by the “Generation and Road girişim initiative. HSBC, Turkey's investment potential both in the commercial area owned when exporting to China's business world, companies aim to create a bridge between the two countries to strengthen trade relations with China. We will be with the entrepreneurs of both countries with value added financing models by using our power in the relevant commercial corridors, especially in large infrastructure investments within the scope of the 'Generation and Road' initiative and / or investments in different sectors that are planned to be realized with the private sector and public partnership. ”

In the first session, the economic, social and technological developments in China were discussed; Made in China 2025, Generation and Road Initiative, China's foreign direct investments and international relations were examined. In the third session, Chinese firms in Turkey are mentioned, the experience and alliances; If Turkey and China in the last session of public relations perspective was addressed by representatives of different ministries.

HSBC sponsors of the event sponsored by Turkey conference in gold BBVA and Garanti Investment TFI TAB food, I wish OKKA coffee break sponsor, supporter and content partner of Mazars Balance is Çimtaş.

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