Dicle University will hire contracted personnel

dicle university will hire contracted personnel
dicle university will hire contracted personnel

Amendment to the Principles for the Employment of Contracted Personnel published in the Official Gazette dated 657 and numbered 4 to be employed full time according to Article 28.06.2007 (B) of the Civil Servants Law no. According to the paragraph 26566 (b) of the Annex 2 of the Principles for the Construction of the Project, based on the KPSS (B) group score order, contract personnel will be recruited with the title and qualification specified below.

OTHER HEALTH STAFF 1 1-To have at least undergraduate degree in related field.

2-Embiryolog certificate to have


1- To carry the conditions specified in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48.

2- Crimes against the security of the State and the functioning of the constitutional order, even if the period specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code has passed, even if it has been imprisoned for 1 (one) year or more for a deliberate offense or amnesty . Offenses against national defense, offenses against state secrets and espionage, embezzlement, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, fraud, abuse of trust, fraud, bankruptcy, mischief in procurement, mischief in performance of the act, money laundering or smuggling of assets. not,

3- For men; not to have any relationship with the military, to have served as active military service or to be deferred or taken to the reserve officer class,

4- To carry the conditions specified in the advertisement.

5- 2018 KPSS (P3) score will be taken as basis for Undergraduate Graduates.

6- Does not receive pension or old age pension from any Social Security Institution


7- The candidates who will apply; Article 657 / B of the Civil Servants Law no. they cannot be employed in personnel positions ”.

8- Contracts of those who do not fulfill the conditions specified in the service contract with the candidates will be terminated within one month.

9- The personnel working in any position within the Hospitals of our University cannot apply.

10- Those who have been dismissed from their institutions or whose contract has been terminated within the scope of Disciplinary Investigation or Decree Law cannot apply.

11- There is no obstacle for day or night shift work.


Applications must apply personally to Dicle University Personnel Department with the following documents within 15 (fifteen) days following the publication of the advertisement in the newspaper. Applications made by post, fax or internet will not be accepted. The application will be accepted with the notary power of attorney. Applications with missing documents will not be received. Applications that have not been made in due time will not be considered.


1-Application Form with Photo, Petition (Our University http://www.dicle.edu.tr. Tenderers must be filled in before the application.

2-Copy of identity card.

3-Original or approved photocopy of diploma or graduation certificate (e-government printout with barcodes will be accepted.)

4-2018 KPSS (P3) result document for undergraduate graduates.

5-Plastic file.


At the end of the application, without a written and oral exam, the list of the candidates who are entitled to make a contract based on the 2018 KPSS (P3) group score ranking, the documents required for their employment and the place and time to be submitted within 10 (ten) working days at the latest. http://www.dicle.edu.tr will be announced at.

Contracts of those who have been appointed to those who are subsequently found not to meet the requirements sought shall be terminated. If a fee has been paid to them by our Administration, this amount shall be compensated together with the legal interest.

The provisions of the general legislation shall apply to the provisions not included in the declaration. Applicants will not be able to return documents.

Since this announcement shall be of the nature of notification to those who are entitled to be appointed, no further notification shall be made to those concerned.

ADDRESS: Dicle University Rectorate / Personnel Department University Campus / DİYARBAKIR

Contact Tlf: 0 412 241 10 15-2320-5182-5136

Date of Application: 25.12.2019

Application deadline: 09.01.2020

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