Channel Istanbul Scandal by DHMİ

Channel Istanbul
Channel Istanbul

The State Airports Authority (DHMİ) changed its view that the Kanal Istanbul project would adversely affect the New Istanbul Airport, and said, "We have given it". It was suggested that DHMİ, from its new decision, will not have any negative effects on Kanal Istanbul's air traffic services.

DHMİ changed its report stating that the Channel Istanbul project would adversely affect Istanbul Airport in a week. The institution found the 'mega project' appropriate in the article it wrote afterwards. In the letter he sent to the Ministry of Transport with the phrase 'rush', he asked to comply with the terms of construction.

One dayAccording to the news of Uğur Şahin; The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization asked DHMI for their opinion on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) application file. Thereupon, DHMI Construction and Real Estate Department sent a letter to his ministry on March 15, 2018. In the opinion given by the relevant department of DHMİ regarding the 'mega project', it stated that the Kanal Istanbul project area passed through the western runway of Istanbul Airport.


In the article written by DHMİ before the opening of the 3rd airport, it was stated that “Channel Istanbul and Istanbul New Airport projects should be complementary and not harmful to each other ve and the construction of the project was not approved.“ During the realization of blasting, carving and so on. The General Directorate must inform the General Directorate about whether the transactions will be carried out and how far they will be effective. With this project, it will be impossible to open the Istanbul New Airport to flight. As a result, the construction of the Kanal Istanbul project in the coordinates of the project is not deemed appropriate in order not to cast a shadow on the project of the century projected to have 3 aircraft traffic per day when all runways are put into use. ”


However, a week after the break, DHMİ wrote a second letter to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In the first article, DHMİ did not find the construction of the Channel Istanbul project 'appropriate' and claimed that the said views were written 'out of the box'. In the letter dated 22 March 2018, it was stated that the studies regarding the EIA process are continuing and the final opinion will be given after the detailed evaluation.

Then a new opinion was presented on 27 March last year. In summary, the following statements were included in the said opinion:


As a result of the map analysis, the channel site of Kanal Istanbul; It is determined that Atatürk Airport (AHL) starts from 2 km west and extends north and connects to the Black Sea through the west of Istanbul New Airport (INA). In the event that all facilities and structures planned to be manufactured within the scope of Kanal Istanbul project and the outbuildings of these facilities and structures violate the obstacle plans prepared according to the ICAO Annex 14 obstacle limitation criteria for AHL and INA; It was determined that there would be no negative impact on the air traffic services provided / to be provided for AHL and INA.

Provide information for structuring

As a result of the investigation made considering the excavation boundary of Kanal Istanbul Project; It is considered that the project in question will not be created in terms of signal performance of electronic systems under the responsibility of our General Directorate. However, it is necessary to send the information of all the constructions to be planned in the remaining part of the Canal Istanbul project within the scope of the Istanbul New Airport Mania Plan, on the basis of the project to our General Directorate and to receive our opinions.


It is the opinion of our General Directorate that compliance with the construction criteria in the vicinity of airports and any system that will mislead planes should not be used in channel lighting.


On 25 September 2018, DHMİ Directorate of Operation sent a letter to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure regarding the 'mega project'. In the article, the following statements were given: ız With your interest letter, EIA engineering works are being carried out by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments. and the bridges planned to be built by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments due to the Channel Istanbul project are evaluated within the criteria specified in the Atatürk Airport and Istanbul New Airport Mania Plans. Arz We request the request to comply with the Istanbul New Airport Mania Plan and Istanbul Atatürk Airport Mania Plan elevation boundaries approved by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, ICAO Annex-14 Volume 1 and SHT-HEPP criteria.


CHP Vice President Responsible for Nature Rights Gülizar Biçer Karaca evaluated DHMİ's views on Kanal İstanbul to BirGün: 'If the project of this century is considered to be the project will be unusable airport' they say. DHMİ declares that this project is not suitable, but after 7 days, despite the opinion given in such a detailed and technical sense, they say eh we gave it to you eh. DHMI, such a gigantic business such a view has given a wow. Really sadness and worrying situation. The content of the report reveals that it is not for nothing. Who said in a week that under the influence of which forces we have given the truth to eliminate such a reality? ”

CHP Karaca, DHMİ'nin 'hurry' in the letter sent to the Ministry of Transport commented on the following comment: “In fact, there are risks in the first report as well. But they say I can't say neither positive nor negative. I think it's a negative situation. But they said, 'I am under so much pressure that I cannot say positive or negative.' ”



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