DHMİ 2019 Year November Air, Passenger and Freight Traffic Announced

dhmi year november airplane passenger and freight traffic announced
dhmi year november airplane passenger and freight traffic announced

General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI), 2019 in November of the airline aircraft, passengers and freight statistics announced.

Accordingly, in November of 2019;

Number of aircraft landing and taking off at airports; 68.149 for domestic flights and 45.941 for international flights. Total airplane traffic served reached 152.325 with overpasses.

This month, Turkey serving domestic passenger traffic at airports across 7.957.237, international passenger traffic was 6.566.620. Thus, total passenger traffic with direct transit passengers was realized as 14.535.560 in the said month.

Airports freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; As of November, 64.269 tons in domestic lines and 243.172 tons in international lines reached a total of 307.441 tons.

According to 11 monthly (January-November) realizations;

Aircraft landing and taking off to airports became 777.408 on domestic flights and 669.761 on international flights. Thus, a total of 1.885.567 aircraft were serviced with overpasses.

Turkey 92.842.325 of the overall domestic passenger traffic airports, where 102.528.086 of international passengers traffic in this period amounted to 195.618.392 direct transit passengers with total passenger traffic together.

During the period in question, the freight (cargo, post and baggage) traffic of the airports; 763.408 tons in domestic lines and 2.395.847 tons in international lines.


In November, Istanbul Airport's landing and take-off air traffic was 8.709 for domestic flights and 26.072 for international flights.

Passenger traffic was 1.359.920 for domestic flights and 4.145.158 for international flights.

At Istanbul Airport, 295.163 aircraft and 47.297.757 passenger traffic were carried out in an eleven month (January-November) period.

In the eleven-month period of 2019, there was 135.637 air traffic at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, where general aviation activities and cargo transportation continued.

Thus, total 430.800 aircraft traffic was realized in these two airports in the same period; 63.370.291 passengers were served.

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