First Excavation for Çorum High Speed ​​Train Project Will Be Hit in 2021

ankara samsun high speed train project for the first digging will be shot
ankara samsun high speed train project for the first digging will be shot

Meeting with the neighborhood headmen in Çorum, AK Party Çorum MP Kavuncu, Kırıkkale Çorum, Çorum Merzifon, Merzifon announced that the first digging on the Samsun high-speed train line will be hit in 2021.

Kavuncu also made a statement about Çorum's airport demand and high-speed train. 50 years ago if it was 100 years ago but the pace of development can be a luxury that Turkey has achieved the last 15-20 years, development continued when the country will remain non-provincial airport. It does not make sense after being installed with each. We will establish our airport before, businessmen, industrialists will come. High-speed train must be. There must be not only the journey but also the freight train.

Corum, not the problem of unemployment in Turkey was one of the provinces 2-3. When the land industry exists. Why did the soil industry collapse? From shipping costs. It was a little late but significant distances were taken. We have made necessary initiatives in this regard with the Ministry of Transport. Kırıkkale-Çorum, Çorum Merzifon, Merzifon-Samsun will be held in three stages. The study between Kırıkkale and Çorum has been completed. The surveys in the section between Çorum-Merzifon have been completed 80 percent, and the 55 percent of the part between Merzifon-Samsun has been completed. The study is over in 2020. He said the pickaxe will be shot in 2021.



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