3 Hearing in Çorlu Train Disaster Case

corlu train disaster case in the third hearing
corlu train disaster case in the third hearing
3 hearing in Çorlu train disaster case; Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, 25 people died, 328 people were injured in a train accident 3'inci trial began.

Istanbul from Uzunköprü district of Edirne Halkalı362 passenger and 6 personnel train, moving to go to 8 July 2018'de Corlu district of Tekirdag near Sarılar Neighborhood derailed. 7 children, 25 people were killed and 328 people were injured.

TCDD 1 Regional Directorate, which was found to be the main flaw in the accident by the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office Halkalı Turgut Kurt, who served as the Railway Maintenance Manager at the 14 Second Railway Maintenance Directorate, Çerkezköy Özkan Polat, Road Maintenance and Repair Chief at the Road Maintenance Directorate, Celaleddin Çabuk, who works as Line Maintenance and Repair Officer at the Road Maintenance Chief, and Çetin Yıldırım, the signature of the Bridges Chief Çetin Yıldırım who signed his signature in the annual public inspection report in May, Çorlu 2'inci Heavy Penal Court was sued for demanding imprisonment from 15 each year to 1'er years.


The trial began in July at the Çorlu Court of Justice in the 3 Conference Hall, which was held as the 1's Heavy Penal Court. However, some relatives and wounded of the dead, were not taken into the grounds that there is no room in the hall. After the incidents, the hearing was taken to 130 July Hall in Çorlu Public Education Center on Çorlu Çoban Çeşme Neighborhood Bülent Ecevit Boulevard.

Today, before the 3 hearing, the police took extensive security measures. Police teams from the provincial center of Tekirdag was brought reinforcements. X-Ray equipment was installed at the entrance of Public Education Center. Separate entry points were created for lawyers, victims, viewers and members of the press. In the hearing room, the audience was searched and taken.


Relatives of those killed and injured in the accident, the trial, Çorlu Public Education Center gathered at a distance of about 1 kilometers, walking, came. Families carrying photos of those who died in their hands, 'Rights, law justice', 'Accident murder,' threw slogans.

Zihra Bilgin, who lost her daughter Bihter Bilgin, her sisters Emel Duman and Derya Kurtuluş, said, “Today is the 520 day. Expect justice for 520 days. Nobody's protected. Whoever is in this chain of neglect, from the lowest to the highest level. If a minister is responsible, the minister should be tried and the manager and the judge should be tried at the lowest level. All we want is justice. ”

Turgut Kurt, Özkan Polat, Celaleddin Çabuk, Çetin Yıldırım, families of the dead, wounded and lawyers attended the hearing. Attorney Can Atalay, who took the first word at the hearing after the identification, stated that the court decided to ask the list of faculty members for the formation of a new expert with the qualification of an expert from the universities. In this way, evasion of public office is unacceptable. Yıldız Technical University did not even respond to the warrant. Er

The hearing continued with the testimonies of the complainants. Ceyhan Kahveci, who was injured in the accident, stated that they had a big concussion before the accident and said, ucu As a result of the breakage of the wagons, we were thrown and hit the ceiling. My nose is broken. Crushes occurred on my body. I'm complaining. ”


Salih Erbil lost his wife, Salih Erbil accident, attended the hearing together with their daughter Gülgen and Gülşen. Gülgen Erbil said, im I went to my grandmothers. There's a little rain, how's that accident, Judge? Who killed 25, Uncle Judge? Did your father die at your age? Uncle Judge, there is neglect. It's not a train accident in this rain. Who killed my father, uncle judge? U Tiny Gülgen'ın tears on the hall could not prevail over these words.

'They said we will ask the judge uncle'

Speaking after his daughter, Saliha Erbil told his daughters that he entrusted his father's blood to the uncle of the judges and said that the little girls also wanted to come to court. I told them I trusted your father's blood with the uncle. My children said that we will ask the uncle to judge for ourselves. They said we'd come by ourselves. I complain on behalf of my children. I complain from the top to the bottom, ”he said.

Remzi Güvenç said, “I lost two daughters and two grandchildren. They're all under the ground. I want to be involved in the case, I'm complaining ”. Subsequently, the tribunal promised those who were not included in the indictment and wanted to be involved in the case.


Turgut Kurt, one of the defendants, said in his testimony at the hearing that the director of the culverts was in the maintenance program. Explaining that the engineers are doing exploration work in the field, Kurt said, inde In engineering works, engineers connected to us do damage assessment. According to him, the intervention is made to missing and defective places. Engineers did not see the need for a ballast holder at the place where the event took place. Konu

The defendant Özkan Polat said that after the discovery of the engineers attached to the maintenance directorate, the intervention was deemed necessary.

Celalettin Çabuk, who said he did not participate in any exploration work, claimed that the procedures were beyond him and he did not take part in the exploration works.

The hearing was given at noon.

Source: New Age

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