Kanal Istanbul Will Save The Bosphorus From Accidents

channel istanbul bogazi will save from accidents
channel istanbul bogazi will save from accidents

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan emphasized that the Kanal Istanbul Project has become a necessity for the future of the Bosphorus. “Canal Istanbul is not only the project of today but also of tomorrow. Kanal İstanbul is the project that will save the Bosphorus from accidents. ” said.

Minister Turhan, said in a statement, Turkey's government as a "welfare state" had exerted great effort to ensure that they attract attention, apart from major projects in this direction was underlined that they have implemented.

Expressing that Kanal Istanbul will be one of the biggest projects in the world, Turhan said, “The Kanal Istanbul Project is also of great importance for our country and our citizens of Istanbul. With many projects implemented for Istanbul, we aim to reach a cleaner Istanbul as well as protect Istanbul from possible dangers. Every project we have done so far has ensured that less exhaust gas is released in Istanbul. New green areas in Istanbul with every project we do kazanwe nagged. We attach great importance to Istanbul, especially our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.” he said.

Turhan pointed out that there is an average of 25-40 thousand ship traffic every year in the Bosphorus, which currently has a capacity of 42 thousand ships, and that the ships that will use the Bosphorus have to wait almost a week and spend the ships with guides and trailers to ensure safety.

Reminding that the accidents in the straits caused great damage in the past, Turhan said: “The disaster of the Independenta tanker ship, which carried 94 thousand 600 tons of crude oil and could not be extinguished for 27 days, is still in our minds. We still remember the oiling of the straits due to the collision of the Nassia and Shipbroker tankers. The collision of Ethem Pertev Mansion only 4 years ago and the great damage done to our history are still in our minds. This is why the current high maritime traffic worries us. Any damage to occur as a result of this high maritime traffic kazanThe consequences may be unbearable any longer. In fact, the possible occurrence between 2 tankers in the straits kazanIt is stated that the sea can destroy dozens of fish species in the Black Sea and Marmara Sea at once. For this reason, the construction of the Canal Istanbul Project has become a necessity for the future of the Bosphorus. The construction of the Kanal Istanbul Project has now become a necessity for the future of the Bosphorus. Kanal Istanbul is not only today's project, but also tomorrow's project. Kanal Istanbul is the project that will save the Bosphorus from accidents.”

“It will be a civilization project”

Turhan informed that the amount of dangerous cargo passing through the Bosphorus, especially oil, exceeds 150 million tons, and the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea are hosted to a significant part of the global oil trade.

Stating that the Bosphorus is shown as one of the most dangerous waterways in the world, Turhan said, “We will not only reduce the ship traffic load of the Istanbul Bosphorus with Kanal Istanbul. We will also minimize the risks that may arise from ships carrying dangerous goods in the Bosphorus. We will also create an alternative for ships and tankers who want to pass through the Bosphorus without waiting. Ships carrying international cargo will be able to use Kanal Istanbul for a fee. They will also be freed from the financial burdens that may occur due to the waiting period of a week. ” found the assessment.

Noting that the number of ships using the straits is increasing each year, especially due to the shift of world trade to the east, Turhan emphasized that the number of ships that will use the Bosphorus in 20 years is expected to reach 70 thousand. The project in question is a new strait crossing to Turkey. kazanStating that he will create a new living space in Istanbul, Turhan said that they have made plans for the project with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Turhan emphasized that the new area to be established will be a self-sufficient, environmentally friendly project where the blue and green combine with the marina, the free zone, the waterway, and the airport. At the same time, it will be a self-sufficient civilization project integrated with all parts of Istanbul. ” he spoke.

“It will only affect the Marmara Sea positively”

Stating that the Kanal Istanbul Project is multi-legged, Minister Turhan noted that they were especially considering all environmental and climatic factors when determining the project area.

Turhan said that after the announcement of the project by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, years of work were carried out on the 5 corridors that canal Istanbul can pass, and that the most appropriate Küçükçekmece-Sazlıdere-Durusu corridor was decided.

Turhan explained that they examined the wind and deep sea waves at the entrances of the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea on the route, and that the parameters related to the tsunami were determined, and detailed studies were carried out within the framework of all recorded data of the tsunami effects that may occur in the Marmara and the Black Sea.

Turhan also explained that modeling studies were carried out in the project area by using wind data of approximately 25 years. “The effect of the waves that will occur in the channel on the channel side surfaces was evaluated according to the most negative scenarios. Moreover, the technical studies of Kanal Istanbul Project on water models and simulation / navigation were carried out at this point through one of the best companies in the world. While determining the canal route, it was prevented that our people were negatively affected by leaving the settlements outside. ” used expressions.

Turhan, Canal Istanbul Project, the Bosphorus and the METU as Turkey's best universities that work with expert faculty and experts in the area again international companies in the field of highlighting the project, only to be affected positively the Sea of ​​Marmara and especially underlined the aim is to prevent the induced accidents from freight transport .

“Trying to be a perfect project”

Channel Istanbul during the work of civil society organizations and universities, as well as the views of the relevant institutions and organizations for the EIA expressed Turhan, however, the public participation meetings in the preparation of the EIA also received the views of citizens said.

Claiming that the project in question was criticized by some parties for political purposes, Turhan said, “However, we cannot view this project politically. We have to think about the future of Istanbul. Therefore, we proceed very carefully in this project. Since the first day we started the project, we have been discussing each criticism thoroughly and we continue on our way after we have made no situation to worry about. As a result of these meticulous efforts we have carried out since 2011, we have received the positive opinions of 52 institutions in total, including universities, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, district municipalities and public institutions. ” said.

Turhan said that Kanal Istanbul is the mega project that many disciplines need to be executed, so that for all 9 years, urbanization and environmental impacts have been put on the table in order to make the project run smoothly, and they have been trying to make the project perfect.

“Cooperation protocol signed with relevant ministries and IMM”

Turhan brought the project to Istanbul with "zero mistakes". kazanPointing out that they have been working with great devotion for years, he explained that they have completed an additional 7 thousand meters of drilling in the Canal corridor in this process.

Turhan stated that the size of the ships to pass through the Channel within the scope of traffic surveys and 99% of today's total Bosphorus traffic can use Kanal Istanbul. In addition to these studies, environmental studies and the effects of flora, fauna and underwater creatures have been carried out.

Turhan said that the conceptual works of infrastructure facilities belonging to the institutions on the route and the structures such as ports, marinas, coastal facilities and operational facilities, which are the main parts of the project, were completed.

Earthquake on the selected corridor, tsunami risk assessment, hydrodynamics, water quality, groundwater model studies are also pointed out that Turhan, underlined that nothing left to chance.

Stating that the works related to the Channel Istanbul Project have come to a final stage, Minister Turhan added that a cooperation protocol was signed between the Ministries and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) for the determination and fulfillment of the tasks related to the projects of the existing and planned institutions.

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