Bursa Uludağ Cable Car Fee Schedule Working Hours and Car Parking Fees

bursa uludag ropeway charges
bursa uludag ropeway charges

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Ski lifts Bursa, Turkey's first line of cable car. It was opened on October 29, 1963. one of Bursa's city symbol is also Turkey's Bursa Cableway DUdUr longest cable car line 9 km horizontal length of rope transportation. It is also a living center with its entertainment centers and shopping shops located at its stations. Bursa Teleferik, which includes 4 stations, departs from Teferrüç station in Teferrüç District, close to Yıldırım district in South Bursa, and reaches the hotels region in Uludağ. The cable car line, whose infrastructure was renewed in 2014 by the Italian company Leitner Ropeways, Teleferik Holding A.Ş. operated by.

Bursa Uludağ Cable Car, which has been completely renovated in the last years and added a new line from Sarıalan to the second hotels region, became the easiest means of transportation to Uludağ Hotels region. Now you can take the cable car from the Teferrüç district and reach the Second Hotels by transferring only in Sarıalan.

Uludağ Teleferik Opening Hours

Weekdays: 08: 00-20: 00
Weekend: 08: 00-20: 00

Uludağ Cable Car Fee Schedule

Return Full 48 TL
Round Trip Learner 35 TL

Round Trip Tourist 95 TL
Round Trip Tourist Kid 80 TL

1-You can get your tickets at the toll booths using the digital ticket system at Bursa Teleferik Teferrüç Station.
2-We do not have online ticket sales yet.
3-A tariff is applied for 2012 and those born before.

Uludag Cable Car Stations

In total there are 4 stations. The farthest distance between the two stations is between Sarıalan and Oteller Bölgesi and 4212 meters.

Teferrüç Station: It offers professional service to its guests with its central station, automation driven system, 240 car parking lot, administrative departments of 70 company team, entertainment shops, escalators, large passenger reception hall.

Teferrüç Station Parking fee

20 minutes free
Cars 1 hours 7 TL, each hour exceeding 5 TL
Cars daily 32 TL
Buses and minibuses 1 hours 25 TL, each hour exceeding 7 TL
Bus and minibus daily 60 TL

 Kadiyayla Station: The facility is still under construction. There are picnic areas.

Sarıalan Station: Sarıalan, the last station of the cable car for years; With the opening of Kurbağa Kaya (Hotels) Station, it became the intermediate station. In Sarıalan station, which offers spectacular panoramic views, many improvements have been made within the cable car facility.

Frog Kaya Hotels Station: The last station, Kurbağa Kaya (Hotels), opened in December 2014. Hotels Station Facility; In 2016, it began to operate as a giant facility.

Map of Turkey Cableway

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