Building Catalog Career Online!

building catalog career online
building catalog career online

Turkey, which has been online since 1973 years and building materials fills a very important gap in the field of material first and only catalog BUILDING CATALOGbrand new tab CAREER, is now online!

BUILDING CATALOGAs a portal that provides an effective promotion channel through its wide access network; building companies, materials, product videos, projects, company news and events, such as professionals and construction sector aims to meet the needs of stakeholders. Aside from this rich content digital database, which it has brought together and presented for the construction sector, it is getting a brand new service tab as of this year. Companies will be able to advertise on the Career page for their employment needs after the news tab where they share their corporate developments, the showcase page where they promote their products and the activity page where they can process their calendars.

In order to produce fast and effective solutions to every need of the sector and to respond to the priorities of both construction companies and architects, we approach innovative and dynamic structuring to today's conditions and current marketing activities. BUILDING CATALOGWith the Career tab, it aims to provide solutions for all kinds of workforce seeking in construction companies and offices. In this context; not only architecture and civil engineering, but also a wide range of job descriptions such as marketing, sales, engineering, job site positions, application, drawing and graphic positions, field staff, R & D departments; outsource, part-time or full-time options and a system that can be filtered by province provides the opportunity to call for applications.

In this context, the demanded labor force and employment; Bringing together professionals looking for jobs in the sector, 45 has been at the hands of hundreds of thousands of industry professionals and construction sites for years, with the vision, effort and support of expert teams in the field, the most valuable “reference guide ün of the sector. BUILDING CATALOG through.

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