BTSO Machinery UR-GE Project Firms Exports 3 Increased 35 Percentage Per Year

btso machine ur ge project firms increased their exports per year
btso machine ur ge project firms increased their exports per year

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry adds strength to the export-oriented growth of companies with Ur-Ge projects. While members of the machinery sector Ur-Ge Project increased 3 exports by 35 per year, work started on the new Ur-Ge project.

8, which includes representatives of the machinery sector. and 35. The Expanded Sectoral Analysis Meeting of the Professional Committee was held at Double F 1889 Bursa Restaurant, the application area of ​​BTSO Culinary Academy. The meeting was attended by BTSO Vice Chairman Cüneyt Şener, Bursa OSB President and Assembly Member Hüseyin Durmaz, Machinery Council President Cem Bozdağ and committee members.


Turkey has been exporting to 200 countries produced machine-expressing BCCI Vice President Cuneyt Sener, "the automotive, textile, chemical, defense, and many machinery industry in Bursa, which led to different industries like aviation also has a very strong infrastructure. Bursa, with its experience and potential in production, will continue to have the power to carry the export figure of the sector to a higher level. ”


Vice President Şener said that as BTSO, they have carried out studies aimed at the export-oriented growth of the sectors. Şener underlined that the first Machinery Ur-Ge project, which completed the year 3 in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce, contributed to the exports of sector representatives at the rate of 35. Our sector constitutes the basis of industrial transformation. We want to make this power of Bursa feel stronger in the international arena. The export figures in the Ur-Ge project also indicate that we are on the right track. 44 is currently taking part in our new Ur-Ge Project for Machinery sector which started in November. In February, we will hold trade fair and bilateral business meetings in Mexico within the scope of Sectoral Trade Delegation. We will continue our international programs in 2020 with our Global Fair Agency Project. ”


Hüseyin Durmaz, Bursa OSB President and BTSO Assembly Member, stated that the machinery sector has an important share in world trade and said, “We have a wide range of markets ahead. As Bursa, we aim to contribute more to the export of our sector. I would like to thank BTSO for its contribution to the export of our sector. ”

BTSO Chairman of the Machinery Sector Cem Bozdag, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Council of Machinery operating in the public, private sector and said that the common platform of universities. During the meeting, BTSO's projects and the work of the committees made presentations, sector representatives exchanged views.

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