Bosphorus Express Train Schedules Restart

Bosphorus Express Train Schedules
Bosphorus Express Train Schedules

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Ankara and Arifiye (Sakarya) between the high-speed trains (YHT) does not stop transportation stations to meet the need for transportation from the Bosphorus Express will start again from tomorrow said.

Turhan, as the ministry of citizens to follow all kinds of travel needs carefully and not only YHT'ler, conventional lines, new trains have started new services, he said.

Turhan stated that the General Directorate of TCDD Transportation Inc. has expanded its service range and quality with each passing day and that the Lakes Express entered service in October and that the disabled people will be handed out before the World Day of Disabled Persons.

Turhan, the first YHT'nin 2009'dan since the introduction of 52,4 million passengers have been carrying information, as well as these trains, main lines and regional trains operating in conventional lines, serving a considerable amount of passengers reported.

Turhan emphasized that they are trying to make their lives easier by fulfilling the transportation demands of the citizens within the scope of the possibilities.

Minister Turhan, "Ankara and Arifiye (Sakarya) between the stations that will meet the need for transportation between the YHT'lerin Bosphorus Express, 8 December (tomorrow) will begin flights." He said.

The journey will take approximately 6 hours

Turhan also gave information about the Bosphorus Express voyages and travel times and said:

Boğaz With the Bosphorus Express to be operated during the day, travel time will be approximately 6 hours. The train will depart from Ankara at 08.15 and will arrive at Arifiye at 14.27. The train, which will depart from Arifiye at 15.30, will reach Ankara at 21.34. Bosphorus Express with 240 passenger capacity will be composed of 4 pulman wagons. The passenger capacity will be increased if there is a high demand for the express, which will board and unload passengers at the 16 station and station where the YHTs do not stop. ”

Turhan said that the first time on Sunday will start from Ankara, “The most remote distance fare of the Bosphorus Express, which will offer a comfortable and pleasant journey, was determined as 55 lira.”

History of Bosphorus Express

The Bosphorus Express was a main railway line operated by TCDD between Istanbul and Ankara. 2012-2014 was operating between Arifiye and Eskişehir. Train 24 was stopped on July 2014 and replaced by YHT trains.

Although it had an express name, it served many local stations between Arifiye and Ankara and was popular among students because of its low cost.

Bosphorus Express, 1 On June 1968, Istanbul started its services from Haydarpaşa Train Station to Ankara Train Station in Ankara with the brand new wagons of CIWL, one of the leading trains of TCDD. The cost of a single ticket was 32 lira and the round trip ticket was 56 lira. The locomotives of the train are diesel and the 1977 km railway from Istanbul to Arifiye was electrified at 131.

4 In January 1979, a train belonging to Ekspres was collided with a train of the Anatolian Express near Esenkent.

December When all Istanbul-Ankara railroads became electrified at 1993, they switched to electric trains at Boğaziçi Ekspres. The first electric train towed by E40002, 26 1993 on December 08: 00 left Haydarpaşa. TCDD also equipped the train with the new TVS2000 wagons, which were built to improve the image of the railway. The limited express service of the train changed after a few years and stopped at most stations, becoming one of the local city trains running between Istanbul and Ankara.

Bosphorus Express, 25 In August 2004, the flights were stopped by TCDD on the basis of low usage, but due to the increase in demand for public services, 27 resumed operation in September. When the Ankara-Eskişehir high-speed railway was opened in March 2009, many trains operating between Istanbul and Ankara returned to Eskişehir. However, due to the construction works for high-speed train services between Gebze and Sapanca, the Bosphorus Express continued its journey between the two cities until February 131 with 1 km short distance from Istanbul to Arifiye. Two months later, in April, the 2012 train shortened again, this time in Ankara due to the construction of the Başkentray suburban railway. With the opening of the Istanbul-Eskişehir extension of the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed railway, the Bosphorus Express served between Arifiye and Eskişehir (2 km) for two more years until 24 was interrupted on July 2014.

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