Bosphorus Express Has Started Again

bogazici express resumes flights
bogazici express resumes flights

Bosphorus Express Has Started Again; Minister Turhan, ”General Directorate of TCDD Transportation Inc. is expanding its service range and quality with each passing day”.

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, will meet the transportation needs of intermediate stations between Ankara and Arifiye (Sakarya) where there is no stopping of high speed trains.

The Bosphorus Express departed from Ankara at 08.15 for the first time. After the journey that lasted approximately 6 hours, the train reached Arifiye at 14.30.

Turhan, as the ministry of citizens to follow all kinds of travel needs carefully and not only YHT'ler, conventional lines, new trains have started new services, he said.

Turhan stated that the General Directorate of TCDD Transportation Inc. General Directorate expanded its service range and quality with each passing day and that the Lakes Express entered service in October and that the disabled citizens' hand footsteps before the World Disabled Day will be launched.

52.4 million passengers moved with YHT

Turhan, the first YHT'nin 2009'dan 52,4'dan since the introduction of the transported million passengers, as well as these trains operating in conventional lines outline and regional trains also served a considerable amount of passengers said.

Turhan emphasized that they are trying to make their lives easier by fulfilling the transportation demands of the citizens within the scope of the possibilities.

Turhan said: Boğaz With the Bosphorus Express to be operated during the day, the travel time will be approximately 6 hours. The train will depart from Ankara at 08.15 and will arrive at Arifiye at 14.27. The train, which will depart from Arifiye at 15.30, will reach Ankara at 21.34. Bosphorus Express with 240 passenger capacity will be composed of 4 pulman wagons. The passenger capacity will be increased if there is a high demand for the express, which will board and unload passengers at the large and small 16 station and station where YHTs do not stop. ”

Minister Turhan, "the comfortable and enjoyable journey will offer the Bosphorus Express fare was determined as the 55 pounds." He said.

08 for the first time on December 2019 08.15'de starting from Ankara, Express, Sincan, Esenkent (has a stop posture) Based, Polatli, Beylikköprü, Biçer, Sazak, Yunusemre, Beylikova, Alpu, Eskisehir, Bozuyuk, Karakoy, Bilecik, Vezirhan, Osmaneli, Alifuatpaşa, Doğançay'da will make a stance. (TCDD Transportation)

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