Mayor Seçer Makes Inspections in MEŞOT Maintenance and Repair Workshop

president secer machine found exams and mesotta examinations
president secer machine found exams and mesotta examinations

Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Vahap Seçer, established the Department of Machinery Supply and Maintenance as soon as he took office in order to work more effectively, faster and more efficiently, and at the Maintenance and Repair Workshop in MEŞOT, where all maintenance and repairs of the public transportation buses were carried out. found in examinations.

Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, department heads and staff who received information about the work carried out at these points Mayor Selector, said that the field work began. Stating that they will follow the works from the field, Seçer stated that they will be face-to-face with the staff in their working areas. Emphasizing that the Machine Supply Area is very important for them, he said that they put this place in order quickly.

First, Machine Supply and then MEŞOT'ta found

Mayor Seçer, who examined the works on site, first made examinations at the Department of Machine Supply Maintenance and Repair. With employees sohbet Receiving information about their work, Seçer wished the staff convenience. Seçer then went to MEŞOT and made observations at the Maintenance and Repair Workshop. During the examination to Mayor Seçer, Deputy Secretary General of Metropolitan Municipality Haydar Ali Ulusoy and Olcay Tok, Head of Machinery Supply Maintenance and Repair Department Sabahat Aslan, Head of Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department Hüsnü Öz, Head of Science Department Mehmet Can Kuruloğlu, Environmental Protection and Control Head of the Department, Bülent Halisdemir, and the staff.

Soup distribution kennel is being manufactured in Machine Supply

Seçer, Mersin University and Tarsus University, which will be placed at the entrance door and the manufacture of machinery in the carpentry shop examined the distribution hut made soup. Çorba 1 Bread 1 Soup tarafından project by the metropolitan in the early morning hours of the soup distributions, will be placed at the entrance gate of Mersin University and Tarsus University in the near future.

“We need to land now”

Mayor Seçer stated that they will land in more fields in the future and said: “We will follow our works in the field. What is the status of our units, what is the physical conditions, the layout, what is the layout, how the work is going, you need to see them in the field.

Mayor Seçer mentioned that there were important developments in the Metropolitan Municipality in the first 8 months and emphasized that they made some structural arrangements and they would continue to do so. Expressing that they want to work with the structures that can provide the best service to Mersin residents, Seçer said, iz We will strengthen our staff in terms of merit and in terms of their contribution with effective staff ”.

“We are arranging machinery supply quickly düzen

Seçer explained that the Machinery Supply Site is a place where many departments have administrative units and said: “This is the area where our Machinery Supply Department has workshops. We're in his workshop right now. It was founded, we separated it from Science Works. Here, our vehicles undergo repair, maintenance, repair. Both passenger cars and work vehicles. There is also a tailor's shop, a carpenter's shop, a section where the signs are made. Makine İkmal has its own workshops in many branches. There are different units where the gearbox, the differential and the engines are repaired, from the bodywork to the auto power. We have different masters. This place is very important to us. Until I became mayor, it was the most burdensome, the most costly, and the most difficult place to take control. It's a place where there are huge costs, but we're setting it up quickly. ”

“There will be significant developments in this region in the long run”

Seçer stated that they are going to construct a large area to move some units in the area where the new bus station is located and that they will form an area for 100 new buses to be taken and said, “However, we have a new structure. Above, by the new bus station, on a large area. We are going to a structure to move many units there. We have 100 new buses coming and their purchase is about to end. These are the new generation buses. More environmentally friendly, natural gas burning, consuming buses. We need to build a structure according to their technique. We will create a natural gas station and areas for their maintenance and repair, but we will take it there. There will be significant developments in this region in the long term. Both in the area we are in and where the old bus station is. As you know, our new Metro project has reached its final stage and it is a project that is of great interest to these regions. Metro will pass from here. We are planning. City Hospital, the new bus station route will pass right in front of this area. We are planning. I hope we will put it into practice u.

Lar They will always have the opportunity to see the president, who can be next to each other and forward their suggestions, wishes and complaints şikayet

Seçer stated that he would do field inspections frequently and said, “We will be in another field every day. As Mayor, I will go to different levels every day. We will do this as a routine approach. Just as every day in our office, if we are able to accept some of our meetings and visitors, we will go there, but our main job is in the field. We will be more face-to-face with our friends, working staff and in their own work areas. They will always have the opportunity to see the president, who can be side by side with them, or even forward their suggestions, wishes or complaints firsthand. Our aim is to serve Mersin. We have no other purpose. ”


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