Minister Turhan: If the channel is not done in Istanbul, this will pressure us

If the turhan channel is not done in Istanbul, this would be printing us
If the turhan channel is not done in Istanbul, this would be printing us

Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey, visited the Governorate after reviewing the construction of the ring road in the Çankırı Kenbağ location.

Turhan welcomed by Governor Hamdi Bilge Aktaş, signed the governor's honor book.

Visiting Çankırı Municipality and meeting with Mayor İsmail Hakkı Esen, Turhan received information about the city.

Then the Minister Turhan, in the central district of Çankırı met with Mayor Bayram Yavuz Onay, received information about the district.

Turhan then went to the town of Şabanözü, in his speech in front of the town hall, said they have performed billions of pounds so far service.

Emphasizing that the Turkish nation deserves to be a great state, Turhan said, “From time to time, they divided us into pieces, turned us into principalities, but again we recovered and resurrected and founded empires. We are resurrected, we are being established, we will build our new empire, I hope. As long as we are in unity and togetherness. ”

Prescriptive, Turhan explaining that Turkey is a big decision that case, it also expressed that they would resort together as a nation.

That it should be in Turkey's interests troops pointing Turhan, he said:

Alesef Unfortunately, there is a main opposition in our country, what we do is 'wrong'. We build bridges to the Bosphorus, we tunnel under the Bosphorus, we drill the mountains, they say, 'You're doing it wrong'. Now, 'Channel will do Istanbul' we say, they also oppose. There is no confidence in their systematic thinking. This nation got up to make cars, 'You can not' they said, they did not. They tried to make airplanes and said, 'We can't manage to do it'. They tried to build their own dams, their own bridges, and they opposed it. Now we're doing this. As a result of the political and economic stability provided in this country, we do many projects with build-operate-transfer without spending money from the budget. These projects pay for themselves. They also try to criticize this. ”

Stating that there are many gains to be achieved through the Channel Istanbul Project, Turhan reminded that a ship hit the shore in the Bosphorus.

Pointing out that the number of ships passing through the Bosphorus reached 43 thousand per year, Turhan continued: var There are ships anchored at the entrances of the Bosphorus, off the Marmara and Black Sea coasts, waiting for days. Ships have been waiting for days to get to their destination. There people are at risk. A storm breaks, drags the ship waiting there, takes it to the beach. Are we gonna be the audience? This is an international waterway. Montreux has set the rules. It has determined the rights and law of the parties. We have sovereign rights here. We make the rules here, but in order to serve international maritime traffic safely and safely, we estimate only 25 ships. 43 thousand more than now. This is increasing every year. ”

Minister Turhan stated that Istanbul Airport was built because the need was not met. “We are making the channel for this. If we don't, it'il put pressure on us. Ships waiting there, accidents there, sea pollution, explosions or accidents from ships will harm us. We need to take precautions. In return, we will get the money from the passing ship. Kul

Following his speech, Şabanözü visited the Municipality and received information from Mayor Faik Özcan. Turhan then left the city.


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