Ministry of Health to Purchase Assistant Inspector

assistant ministry of health to make purchases
assistant ministry of health to make purchases

Announcement of the Assistant Inspector Entrance Exam from the Inspection Board of the Ministry of Health; The Assistant Inspector Entrance Exam will be held for 16 (Sixteen) Assistant Inspectors in the general administrative services class between 20-31 / 01 / 2020 dates to be employed by the Ministry of Health Inspection Board.


Those who wish to take the Entrance Exam must meet the following requirements:

a) To fulfill the general conditions stated in article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48

b) To have graduated from computer, industrial and civil engineering departments of faculties of economics and administrative sciences, political sciences, law, economics and business administration and engineering faculties which have at least 4 years of undergraduate education, or from the educational institutions in Turkey and abroad whose equivalence has been accepted by the competent authorities.

c) Provided that KPSS results are not valid as of the application deadline; KPSSP9, KPSSP11, KPSSP28, KPSSP33, KPSSP38, KPSSP43, KPSSP48, KPSSP1, KPSSP80 for graduates of economic and administrative sciences, political information, law and economics and business to have obtained at least XNUMX points.

ç) 01 January Not to be thirty-five years old as of 2020

d) There is no obstacle to the inspectorate in terms of judicial registry.

e) To be able to perform duties and travel all over the country in terms of health status.


Candidates who want to take the entrance exam; Our Presidency has arranged the "Exam Application Form" published on the official website ( with a wet signature, completely and correctly, and a copy of the KPSS result certificate, higher education (undergraduate) diploma or certificate of completion, if any and between two photographs between 9 and 20 December 2019, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health Inspection Board Bilkent Campus Üniversiteler Mah. Dumlupınar Bulvarı 6001. Sk. No: 9 Kat: 6 06800 Çankaya / ANKARA, they will deliver them by post / cargo or personally between 09:30 and 18:00 on weekdays.

The above-mentioned documents must be submitted to the Board of Inspectors by 20 December 2019. Applications that do not reach the Presidency within the time limit, have missing information and documents or are found not to meet the specified conditions will not be accepted and will not be evaluated. The application date will be based on the date and time of entry to the document department of the Ministry of Health Inspection Board. The documents related to the application of those who do not meet the conditions of application will be returned to them upon request.


Candidates up to four times the number of assistant inspectors to be taken for the entrance exam with the central exam score are called according to the quota determined by the branches of education, starting with the highest KPSS score applied for, according to the order to be made separately. However, candidates with the same score as the last candidate are also eligible to take the exam. kazanIR.

The distribution of the 16 Assistant Inspector's staff in terms of education, the quota, the number of candidates to be called for the exam and the KPSS score types are as follows;

Education Quota Number of Candidates KPSS Points


Economic and Administrative Sciences, Political Science, Law,

Faculties of Economics and Business Administration

11 44 KPSSP9







Industrial Engineering 1 4 KPSSP1
Computer Engineering 2 8 KPSSP1
Civil engineering 2 8 KPSSP1
TOTAL 16 64

In case there is not sufficient number of applications for the quota determined by the branches of education, the Board of Inspectors may make changes in the quota.


List of candidates who have the right to take the Entrance Exam will be announced on the internet address. A separate notification will not be made to the candidates. In the exam, photo ID, ID number and approved ID document such as identity card or driver's license are required to be used for identification. Candidates who cannot submit these documents will not be admitted to the exam.


Within the framework of the provisions of the Regulation on the Inspection Services of the Ministry of Health, the entrance exam, which will consist only of the ORAL exam, is carried out by the Ministry of Health Inspection Board Bilkent Campus Üniversiteler Mah. Dumlupınar Boulevard 6001. Sk. No: 9 Floor: 6 will be held at Çankaya / ANKARA.


A) Examination subjects for the graduates of economics and administrative sciences, political sciences, law, economics and business faculties;

a) Law;

1. Constitutional law (General principles),

2. General principles of administrative law, administrative judiciary, administrative organization,

3. Criminal law (General principles and civil offenses),

4. Civil law (General principles and rights in kind),

5. Law of obligations (General principles),

6. Commercial law (General principles),

7. Law of criminal procedure (General principles).

b) Economics;

1. Economic theory (microeconomics, macroeconomics),

2. History of economic thoughts and doctrines,

3. Money, bank, credit and conjuncture,

4. International economic relations and organizations,

5. Business economics,

6. Current economic problems.

c) Finance;

1. General fiscal theory and fiscal policies,

2. Public expenditures,

3. Budget. d) Accounting;

1. General accounting,

2. Balance sheet analysis and techniques,

3. Commercial account.

d) General, current and socio-economic issues.

B) For graduates of computer, industrial and civil engineering departments of engineering faculties;

a) Field knowledge subjects determined by considering the curricula of graduates, b) General, current and socio-economic subjects.


a. Level of knowledge related to exam subjects,

b. To comprehend and summarize a subject, ability of expression and reasoning power,

c. Merit, representation ability, suitability of behavior and reactions to the profession, ç. Self-confidence, persuasion and persuasiveness,

D. General talent and general culture,

to. Openness to scientific and technological developments will be evaluated in terms of aspects.

Candidates will be assessed by the commission for 50 points for subparagraph (a) and 10 points for each of the features listed in subparagraphs (b) to (e). In order to be successful in the exam, the arithmetic average of the points given by the commission chairman and members over 100 full points must be at least 70.


In order to be considered successful in the Assistant Inspector exam, the entrance exam grade must not be less than 70. In case of equality of entrance exam grade, the candidate with high KPSS score will be given priority. kazanir. According to the results of the exam, the success ranking will be made separately according to the education branches specified in the entrance exam announcement, and the names of the main and substitute candidates will be determined according to the number of positions to be appointed according to the education branches specified in the announcement, starting from the candidate with the highest success score.

The exam results are announced on the website of the Presidency, and the necessary notifications are made to the candidates included in the main and reserve lists. KazanIf the candidate does not apply to the Presidency within 15 days from the date of notification, he loses his right. Substitute candidates are called in order of success within six months from the announcement of the exam results, instead of the main candidates who did not come for appointment or who did not start their duty after being appointed, or those who started to work and left the duty for any reason. Exam results for candidates who did not come for appointment or who were appointed but did not start the job kazanis not considered a right.

The objection to the entrance exam results is made to the Presidency within 5 working days starting from the day the results are announced. The Presidency responds to the objection within 10 working days.


entrance exam kazanThe exams of those who are found to have made false statements in the application documents will be deemed invalid. Even if their assignments have been made, they will be cancelled. A criminal complaint is made to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor about these people, and if those who mislead the institution in this way are public officials, their situation is reported to the institutions they work for.

It will be publicly honored.

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