Ankara University will recruit academic staff

Ankara university
Ankara university

2914 faculty members will be recruited according to the provisions of the Higher Education Law No. 2547 and the Higher Education Law No. 46 and the Regulation on the Promotion and Appointment of Academic Staff.

Professor and associate professors will be appointed according to permanent status. Candidates who will apply for professors, associate professors and doctoral faculty members must have the qualifications specified in the “Principles of Appointment and Promotion of Ankara University Faculty Members..

You will apply to the professorship and associate professorship positions; Rector's Office Personnel Department; Those who apply to the faculty members of the doctor should apply to the related units with a petition and with the file mentioned below in the annex.

File content;

  • Declaration that it meets the minimum requirements for application
  • Doctorate and / or associate professorship documents (certified copy)
  • Foreign Language Certificate (certified copy)
  • Resume
  • List of Publications (Applicants to professors will mention the main research work.)
  • TC Identification number
  • Photo (1 piece)
  • Scientific publications, congress and conference papers and references to them, works of art, works and documents related to them, educational activities, continuing and ending doctorate, proficiency in art or master's studies in art, their contributions to universities or higher technology institutes. covering works

(Candidates will apply to the professors' staff with 6 teams; Associate professors and doctoral faculty members with 4 sets of files.)

1 - Applications are 15 days from the date of publication of the announcement in the Official Gazette.
2 - Applications made by mail will not be accepted.
3 - Applications of professors to associate professors and professors and associate professors will not be accepted to the faculty member.
4 - Applications of those who do not fulfill the conditions stipulated in the Law, Regulation and Principles mentioned in the applications and who do not have the specified qualifications will not be processed.

1 - Candidates may submit their scientific works (articles, thesis, books, etc.) in the application files electronically (CD and DVD) provided that they submit their work lists in writing and submit their application files as a team.

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