All Details Concerned About Domestic Cars TOGG

all details about domestic cars
all details about domestic cars

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TOGG, when the 2022 year in the C-SUV modelipazar to come, European classical olmayandoğuş the electric first SUV maker olacak.türkiye the first birth electric, zero-emission and will be produced as a smart cars C-SUV model, the longest wheelbase as well as the class of the first, the largest internal volume, the best acceleration performance and the lowest total cost of ownership will be ahead of its competitors.

Ideas of Turkish consumers lead the design

TOGG posed by engineers and designers, intellectual and industrial property rights, which is being developed on 100 percent of Turkey to the innate power of modular vehicle platform cars in Turkey, he broke new ground in the design process.

as part of the design process from Turkey and a total of 18 design houses from around the world, with 6 different criteria to determine which tOGGer taken to an objective assessment. TOGG Design Team, including Murat Günak, made the decision to continue the process with 3 design houses with the highest score. Turkey began taking behaviors buy cars made in our country with the masses tips prepared in accordance with the findings of the research are shared with these 3-dimensional design house 2 design competition process to determine the design of the car.

The competition was organized in 4 stages and lasted 6 months.

During this period, over 100 different themes were evaluated and the expectations determined in the consumer researches were given to the design houses as feedback. When an external process from every design house interior design work completed and tested with the masses in Turkey. The result was also evaluated by TOGGDesign Team about its suitability for industrialization. After these stages, Pininfarin design house, one of the best in the world, was selected as business partner and 3D design phase was started.

A car to be proud of

In line with the Turkish consumer insights TOGG result of joint efforts of the design team to design houses vepininfar not only in Turkey; an original design language which will be admired in different geographies of the world.

Dazzling, Original and Modern Exterior Design

The design is embodied and rendered in 3D. The distinctive and sharp lines in the exterior design of the SUV and concept Sedan models express the robust and powerful character of the cars, while at the same time constituting the design DNA of the product range that will expand in the coming years.

The sharp lines of SUV models, starting from the front side and lean rear design showing a flowing continuity of life and finding with clear lines of Turkey's automobile original and adds a modern look. The eye-catching chrome details that shape the impressive front face that draws on all the looks of the grille and headlight group design complete the prestigious appearance of the car, providing continuity in the side and rear design.

The Culture of this Land Inspired Design

Turkey's car, which was inspired by the tulip is one of the icons of modern and original design rooted in the soils of Anatolia. The car's front grille to be perceived as the signature on the road, complete with elegance wheels and interior details with a modern graceful tulip figures, emphasizes the link with the cultural heritage of our Seljuk era-inspired geography.

Simple, Stylish and Technological Interior

With its sharp lines and flowing exterior design lines, the interior of the car welcomes its users with carefully selected, high-quality and stylish materials and high-tech.

The digital infotainment screen, which embraces all passengers with the driver, provides both easy tracking of information and visibility of passenger-specific content. Reflecting the advanced technology of the car with simplicity in the interior design, the screen supports the transformation of the car into a smart living space.

Ortakonsol stands out as one of the most important style and function features of the car's interior. Consisting of gears and electronic parking brake functions on the form that reminds the aircraft cockpit, the console also helps to control the touch control screen with its ergonomics. and simple design. Turkey's automobile, technology proves that this design approach can also be offered with high technology without complex combines elegance.

Spacious and Spacious Living Area

automobiles in Turkey turned into a new living space, the C-SUV class with the long axis of the advantages of having a 5-person aileyirahat and comfortably through the longest leg of the high headroom and class in the ağırlayacak.kab provide the comfort of an upper class The spacious and spacious interior will offer unparalleled comfort and pleasure on long journeys.

Completely new, innate electric modular vehicle platform

We define the completely new and innate electric vehicle platform that will provide the infrastructure for all models of the TOGG car range with three main headings:

1. Original
A high-tech, in-house electric and connected platform, fully developed by TOGG engineers, with no intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to 100 percent TOGG.

2. Modular
Providing maximum efficiency, comfort, durability and safety requirements together; modular architecture that allows different widths and lengths.

3. Outstanding
The infrastructure that maximizes the width, spaciousness and comfort of the living space in the car by offering the longest axle distance in its class.

Electric driving experience

Turkey's innate electric car platform and powertrain thanks to lower total cost of internal combustion cars according to owner, offers a quieter and more pleasant ride.

Turkey's car, a comprehensive charging infrastructure through the house to provide up to tOGGer the öncülüğündeyayılım 2022 will come on the road, charging at stations on offices and road edilebilecek.bağlantıl and smart to car olmanınsun with technological capabilities users can manage şarjınıkolaylıkl to plan their car.

Range Over 500 Kilometers

Users will be able to choose from 2 different range alternatives to offer high-energy Lithium-ion battery technology. Turkey's car, the 300 + km. or 500+ km. range will offer 2 different battery options and allow users to configure their cars by choosing the most suitable for them.

Fast Charging in Less Than 30 Minutes

Turkey's car fast charging with 30 minutes short time by ulaşabilecek.böyle 80% pildoluluk level, travelers resting during a short coffee break on long trips, it will be ready for the rest of the trip as cars.

8 Year Battery Warranty

Turkey's car, thanks to advanced Lithium-ion battery technology and technical advantages of bringing the active thermal management system will have the assurance pilgarant for 8 years.

Economy and Environmental Awareness

The fact that electric and connected cars have leaner systems than internal combustion engine cars, the possibility of software update over the internet and the possibility of warning users with technical information on technical issues will minimize the need for technical service / maintenance.

However, the cost per kilometer will be much lower than for internal combustion engines, depending on the lower energy requirement to cover the same distance.

Turkey's car with a combination of these basic elements, will have an important advantage in total cost of ownership. At the same time, it will be among the most environmentally conscious cars with zero harmful gas emissions.

Unique Driving Dynamics

The electric motor (E-motor) technology beyond the expectations of users to experience sunaraksürüşstandart re tanımlayacak.türkiye's single email engine with rear-wheel drive delivers 200 horsepower if they wish, users of the car (RWD) version, or offering a total of 400 horsepower two e-engined all All-wheel drive (AWD) system with two high-efficiency e-motors on the front and rear axles will provide better traction and higher performance in challenging weather and road conditions.

Situated in Turkey's independent MacPherson strut front axle and the car used in the rear axle with integrated fully independent suspension system sporty and dynamic driving sensations, in excellent handling and driving comfort will be the ideal balance user's control.

Unrivaled Performance with Acceleration of 4.8-0 Km / H in 100 Seconds

Turkey's car, with both acceleration drive system to deliver a unique experience. The car will accelerate from 0 to 100km / h in 200 seconds in a 7,6 horsepower engine and in 400 seconds in a 4,8 horsepower engine to deliver unrivaled acceleration performance with impressive silence and energy savings.

Advanced security

Turkey's automobile users with durable and robust infrastructure to support advanced security systems compromising driving safety, will yolculuklarınkeyf safely.

With integrated placement of the battery pack to the car's platform torsional rigidity, which will provide a 30% increase and high impact resistance automobiles in Turkey, passive contains the standard olaraksunacağı7 airbags, the air channel front and support comprehensive active safety systems together with the rear brake discs are safe in any road condition will provide a ride.

Thanks to all these safety elements and advanced driver assistance systems, EuroNCAP will meet the 2022 Star safety norms of 5 when it will hit the road.

Driver Support Systems Updateable Over the Internet

Turkey thanks to advanced driver assistance systems, including auto pilot feature of urban traffic "Level 2+" autonomous driving will have the ability to ease the burden on users and traffic.

The car will be equipped with a ready-made infrastructure suitable for “Level 3 and beyond” autonomous driving transformations thanks to the continuously upgradable architecture designed by TOGG engineers.

More than a car: the new smart living space

With smart technologies that offer more than one car, the car will become a third living space after home and work.

Turkey's continuous otomobilibağlantıl infrastructure will take place in the internet, you will not need a separate device to connect to the internet. The car will be in communication with the entire smart city infrastructure, power grid, devices, houses and buildings and become a thinking assistant in many different areas of life. In the coming years, especially with the spread of 5G technology, the connected automobile will be at the center of smart life and new services that will emerge within the mobility ecosystem will provide a different mobility experience that adds value and makes it easier for users.

A different experience with destructive technology

Turkey's car, electric only, and is not associated with being smart, it would have to be users with innovative and disruptive technologies aim to move to a different size car experience.

TOGG this direction, the first to be introduced in Turkey in the world car "Holographic assistant" technology continues to prepare for. This innovative assistant will benefit from advanced eye tracking algorithms and holographic three-dimensional imaging technologies to provide a user experience far beyond the ordinary virtual dashboard. “Holographic Assistant” technology will bring the in-car experience to the next dimension for the first time by replacing the 2-dimensional display technologies used in the car with three-dimensional imaging and augmented reality.

Thanks to this technology, the driver will not only see the information given on the vehicle display screen without taking his eye off the road, but will also have access to all other information he may need about the road and the environment. you will find comfortable and interactive driving.

TOGG aims to be the first mobility company in the automotive industry to offer this unique driving experience to its users.

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