We Connected Mediterranean and Aegean by Rails

cahit turhan
cahit turhan

In the December issue of Raillife, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, published an article titled ık We Connected the Mediterranean and the Aegean with Rails ”.

The Author of the Minister

The journey is more than just one place to another. Journey is experience, story, even if we take it a little further; journey is a way of life. As everyone is aware, thanks to our investments in railways in recent years, forgotten, unused, decaying railways have become re-used with modernization. Again, it gained the trust of our citizens. However, the new face and the new vision of our railways is the basis of the Eastern Express's recent popularity. The East Express, which once transported only 20 to 30 thousand passengers per year, hosted over 200 thousand passengers three years ago; this number is the result of the excitement that last year the number of 437. In addition, as our citizens see the beauties of our country and taste the cultural richness, this excitement spreads. This beautiful interest is reflected in our other express tours. Vangölü Express, which was not used in previous years, hosted exactly 269 thousand passengers last year.

Therefore, in line with the demands of our citizens, we also take precautions for other express flights. In this direction, we launched the Lakes Express, which connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea with rails but has not been used since 10 years ago. We renewed the infrastructure and increased the comfort of the Lakes Express, average 8 hours 30 minutes travel time and 262 passenger capacity began to travel each day. This express will be indispensable for passengers between the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Nobody will be worried that they cannot find bus tickets on their way to Izmir, Denizli, Burdur, Aydın. I hope this exciting service will be beneficial for those who will benefit from the service in our region.

I wish good travelers…

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