What happened to Şanlıurfa Rail System Project?

What happened to the sanliurfa rail system project
What happened to the sanliurfa rail system project

Sanliurfa 3-term mayor has changed and the rail system that has been on the agenda for 7 years, efforts to ease transportation did not reach a kind of solution. Şanlıurfa, where traffic is mixed every day, is waiting for the citizens to work on the rail system.

Urfa Fanatik Newspaper According to the news; While the traffic problem of Şanlıurfa, which has not been solved for years, is becoming more and more complex, there is no work on renewal. In the city for a period of nearly 7 years, the future of the rail system and traffic will ease the project did not sit in a kind of efficiency. In the metropolitan municipality, 3 terms and 3 mayors were changed, but the lack of budget or roads did not allow the transition to Şanlıurfa rail system.

Even the test drive was performed in the trambus, which was designed with an investment target of 60 million TL and the preparations were made, but the implementation was not started. Citizens living in the city every day while taking bus ordeal now wants to pass the rail system.

Finally, Ibrahim Ozyavuz deputy MHP Sanliurfa, bringing the issue to the agenda, organized industrial zone, Osmanbey campus and monument junction and airport routes between the tram line between the necessary funds should be provided to draw attention.

Urfanatik Newspaper took the opinions of citizens by extending the microphone to the citizens about the rail system.

'' Infrastructure No Rail System Build ''

Feyzi Aslan pointed out that there is no infrastructure; '' should be done, but our roads do not have any infrastructure in Sanliurfa'm considering everything. I'm 50 years old, I'm entering the dervish, leaving the monument always the same road. Ipekyol 3 years under construction, our politicians are bored without bored bide come and want us to vote. Whether the mayor, the deputies do not do anything here, do not provide a job opportunity for our young people. I have a car, there is no place to park, I'm paying money I don't know where the money goes, '' he said.

'' Alternative Roads Need to be Built ''

Talip Çelebi; '' Urfa's central traffic density is more appropriate than the already high rail system to be built alternative roads. Because historical monuments, mosques, etc. as well as the traffic density too much rail system time as I think. So if there is a possibility of being a subway rather than a rail system, the subway might be an underground alternative.

'' Getting Easier ''

Ramazan Akdemir; '' better be better why? It would be nice in the country, to transport passengers, minibuses and city minibuses easier to transport becomes easier, '' he said.

It should be done because Halil Ergün said; '' Now you can see that the traffic is heavy, only when you come out of business hours when the traffic intensifies a lot. Rail system should bring and should be relieved Urfa, '' he said.

İbrahim Ulak; 'I think the transportation conditions should be made very difficult in this way. Transportation problems in the extreme stage, the rail system is solved when it comes to transportation shortage, '' he said.

''No other choice''

Adem Güneş; '' has to be done because there is a shortage of transportation is not quite any other people do not know how to go, there is quite a social distress there is a lot of traffic distress when it comes to rail system solves a large part of traffic even if you do not have to wait for 2 hours to go from one place to another If the rail system, '' he said.

İsmail Kaçmaz; '' must be done because of Urfa's traffic, you see a very crowded crowd of people. If you look at the urbanized countries will emerge a little more beautiful results, '' he said.

I think it should be done because it is quite necessary Ismail Altun; '' I think the passengers are expecting a lot better than necessary for traffic and transportation, '' he said.

'' Our Public Transportation Vehicles are Inadequate ''

Şeyhmus Ovul; '' Something that needs to be done, we have to wait for it due to inadequate public transport. Metrobus though, think that a metrobus 200 people ride together bidet 30-person bus 20 people think that such a system is necessary. It will be more beautiful and more comfortable, our people will go more comfortable. You see our public transports are all standing on the trip, '' he said.

'' Trambus Must Be Done ''

İzzet Sözbir, who says absolutely must be done; '' Because the density is very much, expect 2 hours of traffic in the morning is quite a grievance. We are university students and we have a lot of grievances. An idea that the city is getting too crowded in the rail system to be easier and faster way to school, '' he said.


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