İmamoğlu: Investigating Property Movement on Canal Istanbul Route

button was pressed in istanbul
button was pressed in istanbul

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluWhen asked about the sale of a piece of land in the region where Kanal Istanbul is planned to be built to the mother of the Emir of Qatar, “We are investigating all properties on that line. What kind of property movement occurred? '20 square meters belongs to someone...' I'm not interested in him. I am interested in 135 million square meters,” he said.

President İmamoğlu answered journalists' questions about the agenda at the presidency in Saraçhane. İmamoğlu asked the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding the Canal Istanbul project, saying, “We found a customer with build-operate-transfer, otherwise we will make this place with our national budget. Currently, the preparations are at the final stage, we will immediately make the tender and take the step. ”

Sözcü Özlem Güvemli from the newspaperEvaluating the statements of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan regarding the Kanal Istanbul project, Ekrem İmamoğlu“I continue the same sentences without hesitation on this issue. In other words, for Istanbul, it is beyond betrayal, it is murder. I say 'either the canal or Istanbul'. It seems like such a crossroads. I have been trying to understand for 8 years, almost 9 years, from the first time it was put forward," he said.

Stating that the Channel Istanbul project does not even want to open the capital side to discussion, İmamoğlu said, ak We have priorities if we are going to talk about money. This country has unemployment. We don't know when the earthquake will be. After 20 years, if we still call the risky structure of 50 thousand buildings, if we say that the lives of tens of thousands of people are under threat, we will deal with them. ”


On the question about the purchase of some lands along the canal Istanbul route by the mother of the Emir of Qatar, Imamoglu said:

Bu It's just a detail of the huge problem. I'm not focused on him. Of course, we're investigating all the properties on that line. What kind of property movement has formed? Are we talking about an intimate and national process or are there other things we don't know? We are talking about 135 million square meters of agricultural area. '20 thousand square meters of someone…' I'm not interested in him. I am interested in 135 million square meters. In this respect, we will also deal with the property issue and question the other intention of the whole structure there, as well as the original intention. ”

Referring to Erdoğan's words, yap Let's make an environmental channel İm, İmamoğlu said, zaten There is already a tremendous environment that needs to be protected. This geography is entrusted to us for thousands of years. Conquer this beautiful city, our people, the Turkish people Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who stand up today, if the resurrection 'What are you doing' he says. Fatih Sultan Mehmet asks us all accounts. A city with such an eye-catching eye, the trust of us in history. Environmentalist for what? What you call the environment is valuable if it is preserved and beautiful if it is preserved. In this respect, the environmental dimension of the work, the deceptive part of the work is always kul.

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