Turkey Will Be Center of Air Traffic

Turkey will be the hub of air traffic
Turkey will be the hub of air traffic

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan said, will become the center of Turkey's air traffic, "airline connections we have established with the objective to remain where we fly around the world, is one of the basic criteria which our country to the summit of aerospace list." said.

Turhan made an evaluation due to “7 December World Civil Aviation Day”.

Expressing that global aviation can be carried out safely and safely with bilateral and multilateral collaborations to be established worldwide in aviation, Turhan celebrated the Civil Aviation Day of 193 countries that are members of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Turhan said that in the digital age where technology is developing rapidly, it is the basic need to develop access and transportation opportunities in today's society, which is called "Network Society".

Emphasizing that strengthening aviation links is possible both by increasing cooperation between countries and internationally, Turhan drew attention to the importance of ICAO, which is the organization that sets the civil aviation rules on a global scale, establishes legal regulations and sets standards for its implementation. Turhan stated that the organization continues its activities in accordance with the theme of "Working Together to Make No Country Fall Behind".

3 dimensional contribution to global aviation

Turkey's civil aviation cooperation for steps to be taken, "The future is in heaven" pointing to assess the most basic elements for the realization of strategic objectives, the country's global aviation system explained that the three-dimensional contribution.

Minister Turhan continued as follows: “The first of these is the contribution we have made to the global aviation system with our development figures in airline passenger and aircraft traffic, becoming one of the countries with the most developed flight network in the world through strengthening cooperation with other countries, bilateral aviation agreements. The airline connections we have established with the target of 'there will be no more places we don't fly in the world' are one of the most basic criteria that brings our country to the top of the aviation lists. ”

Turhan, Turkey's second contribution to the global aviation system, progress in compliance with international legislation and standards and aviation safety management system to the aviation industry. kazanreported that he was snoring.

International organizations with established Turhan said that close cooperation with the aviation industry without compromising safety sustainable growth objectives with the steps taken, in Turkey with this study, said found that the geography of the country and the region is shown as an example countries in building civil aviation.

Turhan also stated that the third element is to increase the opportunities and capabilities in aviation through the development of infrastructure potential and to realize the giant projects that offer the strategic advantages of geography to the service of global aviation system.

Istanbul will be opened in the airport and the service regional airports in Turkey Turhan emphasizing the world would make a transit destination, "the Istanbul Airport, as well as the continents to be offered to the world of aviation as a bridge linking is an important indicator of the future vision of Turkey." he spoke.

Journey to destinations with confidence

Turkey's decision-making body of the organization in 2016 with his contribution to the global aviation targets Turhan said that the crowning achievement elected to the ICAO Council, he said confidently towards the 2023 targets for aviation approached.

Turhan, "Turkey, until 2023 big body and the number of aircraft to 750, moving the number of total passenger numbers 350 million and worldwide total flight destination on domestic and international routes with a firm step 500 to remove the target." found the assessment.

Pointing out that the biggest share in success is will, administration and direction, Turhan said: “From the successful and strong will that we have shown to our President in this regard, to our ministers and relevant public institutions, they have a direction that is committed to their safety and aviation safety and their activities. I express my sincere gratitude and thanks for their continuity. ”

"The country with the most extensive route network in the world Turkey"

Turhan, Turkey's ICAO members 193 countries that bilateral aviation agreements with 172, which deal with the needs and demands in accordance with the destination of revising and increasing continuously the number of flights with the most extensive flight network across the world told us that this is the country.

Yaklaştığına step on Turkey's 2023 targets and Turhan striking support it to the foresight of the international organizations, according to Eurocontrol, aviation forecasting that Turkey's bride 2035 the European air traffic was said to be the country add up to daily flights.

Turhan, Turkey's airport arrival and departure traffic increased by more than 30 percent said it would be the country with Europe's busiest traffic, "2035't European air traffic to a daily two thousand flight, contributing to the expected Turkey, will become the center of air traffic." said.

Implementation of international standards for airline transportation Turhan up to be progress in the floor, finding the lowest rate, said that Turkey is one of the countries in aircraft safety auditing across Europe.

Turhan, the European Aviation Safety Agency report released in November for the safety monitoring of Turkey noted that Latvia then emerge as one of the countries with the lowest rate among 48 countries the findings.

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