Turkey's Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Engineers first Inaugurated

Transportation engineers first began the task of turkiyenin metropolitan mersin'de
Transportation engineers first began the task of turkiyenin metropolitan mersin'de

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has realized a first among the municipalities in order to optimize the transportation plan and order of the city. Transport Engineering and Civil Engineering, which is a newly established sub-branches in Turkey, gave the first graduates of a specific industry.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey Buser Aydemir, Mehmet engineers and scholars of the first transport Agca has brought hope to the municipality. Scientific and Technological Research of Turkey (TUBITAK) awards young engineers, by acting in the metropolises, the city will use the technical knowledge and skills.

A first among municipalities

Ersan Topçuoğlu, Head of Transportation Department, expressed his satisfaction that award-winning engineers are part of the Metropolitan Municipality and said: asında We are trying to do our best to solve the transportation problem in our city. In this sense, we had studies about friends that we thought would be very useful to us. Buse Aydemir and Mehmet Umut Ağca were our two young friends. According to our survey of municipalities in Turkey as well as the first in a 'transport engineers' title to make our city the transportation plan and Transportation Department to benefit from the maximum level that we started working our friends. After successfully completing the school in the competition was opened in Turkey TUBITAK 'Smart Cities and Transportation' by entering a degree related to the topic, take the third prize was excited. When we forwarded this matter to our Mayor Vahap Seçer, he also looked positive. I am very happy as the Head of Department. I wish our friends will be good for our city and municipality. I believe we will make beautiful projects. ”

Two TUBITAK award-winning transport engineers will work for urban transport

Mehmet Alim Umut Ağca, emphasizing the importance of transportation engineer for the first time at the undergraduate level, said: tan After our department was established, we participated in many conferences and competitions about transportation, and we carried out activities to announce our department and to introduce ourselves. This has advantages for us. Our school created an opportunity to work while studying, especially by involving us in different projects and different plans. We joined TÜBİTAK on 'Smart Cities and Transportation'. When we participated in this project, we were the only project to receive a degree in transportation. I would say that there are really qualified people in transportation. There are currently 38 graduates of our department, transportation engineer in Turkey. Both of these are in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality ”.

Orum I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for the importance it attaches to merit ”

Expressing his satisfaction with creating a municipality for the first time by getting a transportation engineer and wishing to set an example for this, Ağca continued: “We encountered many different things in the process of getting a job, because we wanted to set an example as the future transportation engineer. I have done internships in the municipality before, and in different works, I had internships in tenders with private companies. So my motivation for being a child here is very high. Because I knew your vision and I saw what you could do, what you could do. I hope that I will continue to work efficiently for this vision and show an exemplary work both for our municipality and our people and for future people who will work in my own branch. Im

Ilk The first municipality in the municipalities to value transport engineers ”

Buser Aydemir, the first transport in Turkey because it is one of the engineers and part of the world said the best way to take good projects to do and the city introduced, "Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, for us to work in Turkey, the first city that values ​​its transportation engineers in municipalities. We went through many stages in the entrance process. The technical information and equipment we received at the school were tested. We were given some intersection projects, public transportation projects. As a result, our Head of Department Ersan Topçuoğlu found it positive. I want to support our city and the municipality as much as I can. Likewise, I believe that I will represent the transport engineers in the best way in our country. I am very excited to introduce our department to our friends and our country and I want to sign really nice projects. I will take part in many projects related to the rail system project and public transportation. We have plans for the future. ”

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