TCDD Will Make Bursa a Logistics Center for Freight Transportation

TCDD will make the scholarship in logistics center
TCDD will make the scholarship in logistics center

Though… In the negotiations, Bursa'for railway line fast train They continue to emphasize, but in the project category high standard railway project I have my side.


On the same track both passenger and freight train There will be a line that can be made. Trains running on such lines conventional train It said. Generally day passenger, night freight transport It is done.


The turning angles and the tilting characteristics of the freight train make a difference in the rail system.

TCDD also…

Recently, Yenisehir-Bursa-Osmaneli line freight transport mainly works. In this context, Dip 8 was announced from these columns on December.


In this respect, AK Party Bursa Deputy Ahmet Kilic 'within weeks TCDD Transportation Co. General Manager and Chairman of the Board Kamuran Yazıcı 'During his visit, a significant improvement occurred.

Kılıç ask when the project is at Printer replied:

Bursa Bursa has a very special place in TCDD consumer transportation program. It is in the center of industrial zones and close to the sea and the harbors. We are making our plans accordingly. ”

He stressed:

TEKN Besides the existing industrial zones, TEKNOSAB has great potential. We consider this in our planning. De

And then Sonra

The new Bursa's goal He explained:

“We will make Bursa a logistics center for high speed train and freight transportation.”


First studies at the beginning of 90 Bandirma-Bursa-Ayazma Railway line in the last period fast train excitement Bursa'about train expectation as a new stage the origin of the project Turns.


Next to freight trains on this line conventional trains In category 200 will run passenger train capable of speeding up to kilometers.

In a sense…

When weighting freight, it is not as fast as its counterparts. from the fast train will also be indispensable.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - Olay

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