Discount for Kocaelikart Visa Procedures Warning! .. Deadline 1 January

discount for visa procedures
discount for visa procedures

Warning for Discounted Kocaelikart Visa Procedures! .. Deadline 1 January; Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and Traffic Management Travel Cards Conducted by the discount student and teacher travel cards issued a visa warning. The Metropolitan Municipality continues visa procedures for discounted student and teacher travel cards. 1 January Students and teachers who do not perform visa procedures until 2020 will not benefit from the discount.


Students and teachers Kocaeli Kocaeli Municipality Transportation and Traffic Management Department to benefit from the discount determined by the 1 Kocaelikart'ların 2020 must perform the visa process until January. Visa procedures for discounted student and teacher travel cards can be made automatically during the balance loading from all Kocaelikart automatic filling devices and filling points throughout the province without submitting documents.


Credit card students and teachers who load the balance of the cards visa process, or automatic filling devices Kocaelikart dealers can do. In addition, discounted student and teacher travel cards visa procedures can be done automatically by Kentkart filling dealers during the balance filling. 1 January Student and student travel cards that have not been visaed until 2020 will be converted to full card type.


In another important statement made by the Department of Transportation and Traffic Management; It was stated that student and teacher travel cards visa procedures are free and no dealers will charge for visa procedures. It is reported that the card holder is responsible for making the visa process for the cards that cannot be processed automatically for any reason, and that the card holders are not responsible for the cards that are paid full fee due to the fact that the visa is not made.

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