Kardemir Meets With Retirees

Kardemir meets with retirees
Kardemir meets with retirees

Kardemir Karabük Demir Çelik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş brought its retired employees together again in the event organized under the name of "The Plane Trees of Kardemir, Vefa Day". The 'Vefa Day' event organized by Kardemir together with the Retirement Association Karabük Branch Presidency was held in the Education and Culture Center of the company.

About 350 corporate retirees participated in the event, which started with the videos of "Sounds from Sycamore", compiled from interviews about the introduction of Kardemir and the memories of retired people.

Emotional moments in the event, former employees of the General Manager Dr. Kardemir addressed. Hüseyin Soykan “Today is a very meaningful and special day for Kardemir. This organization is the first integrated iron and steel plant in the country, it has shed labor and sweat in the coming today, that Turkey has made efforts for the development and growth of these companies who pioneered the industrial breakthrough came with businesses showing sacrifice in the most difficult moments, with the hardship suffered human, esteemed we are in the excitement of being together with our retirees. Tı Welcome to your home anlat, explained the company's progress after privatization, especially the investments completed in recent years, the increase in production capacities, the diversity of products and environmental and community-oriented activities.

With an investment of over Kardemir dollars 2 billion, while increasing the capacity of its production on the one hand, on the other hand Tayyip President Rexhep In the 2007 Erdogan realized the person opening Rail Profile Mill with Turkey and countries in the region between saying that become the only rail manufacturer General Manager SOYKAN, this year completed railway Together with the Teker Factory, Kardemir has also registered its name among the world's leading manufacturers in this field.

Soykan pointed out that the share of foremost and foremost employees in Kardemir in the past together with today's employees is great. Büyük You may have completed your duty in this establishment and left here by deserving the pension granted by our state. But neither your duties to this institution are over, nor our responsibilities to you. Our task is not only to produce, but only to produce at any cost. Our main goal is to serve the happiness of all our stakeholders while producing. To serve the welfare of society, to serve the development of our country. We do this by working here today for de facto, even if you retire and leave here, you do it by claiming it here every time. One of the most important things that keep an institution alive is undoubtedly the people who work there. That's why you are so valuable to us. ”

2021 is scheduled for production in 6. Soykan stated that Kardemir will be among the world's first 3,5 steel producers with this capacity. Kard Kardemir is becoming one of the world's first 100 steel producers after 1995 years. We are trying to produce steel in Kardemir for automotive industry and defense industry. Just as there is a Kardemir building the bridge over the Euphrates, the TRT tower in 2002 years, there is a Kardemir that is trying to produce steel for the defense and automotive industry. As Kardemir grows, the number of employees will increase, employees will live in better conditions, and our contribution to our city will be more. We need to produce different products, not rebar with a ton of 20 dollars, but with 100 dollars, 40 dollars. We have to increase our income to the 50 level in the same tonnage. That's what we're working for. As Kardemir continues in this way, you have worked, your grandchildren will continue to work from grandfather to grandfather böyle

In his speech Celal Bulut, the Chairman of Karabük Branch of the Association of Retirees, was appointed to the Kardemir Management and General Manager Dr. He thanked Hüseyin Soykan and said, bir It is a great feeling to be remembered with such an activity after retiring from this factory where we poured labor and sweat. I hope Turkey will be an example to other companies in this event, "he said. The Vefa Day Event, the first of which was held in Kardemir this year, ended with the presentation of plaques to the most senior retirees and a factory tour organized after the plaque crashing on the bust of Kardemir Çınarları Bust and catering.

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